Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS is out!

Did you use NVIDIA drivers? Greater than 340.xxx? This kill my hibernate/resume.

On my 2nd system with older hardware the 18.04 upgrade went smoothly. Compiz is working. Fingerprint authentication is working, most of the time. I have not bumped into any specific 18.04 related issues so far, except custom folder for Pictures screensaver is broken. So, all the problems in my 1st system can be chalked up to a home folder messed up by Aptik.

The Samba login was broken in 17.1 and is still broken—cannot access shares, the login window respawns. Mounting from CLI works.

is there an ETA on the 18.04 image for raspberry pi?

I understand it to be at the release of the 18.04.1 release in the summer

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I am not fan of this type of “modern technology”
including the cell phones with face scanners

yes, yes… there are already “modern public cameras” but,
the only one big question is still not answered yet:

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

1 PC with Asus GTX750TI-PH (nVidia), 2 PCs with Intel onboard graphic:

  • for any of the 3 PCs, does not matter which nVidia driver - available via Software & Updates - Additional Drivers -, does not matter which kernel 4.15.x (x = any available) / 4.16.x (x = [0,3]) -> Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate does not work with Ubuntu (GNOME, MATE) 18.04

Don’t think this is an nVidia issue, don’t think this is a kernel issue.
For the same kernels on Ubuntu MATE 17.10, LinuxMint 18.2 / 18.3 / Debian 9 -> Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate work perfectly.


I’ve already reported issues with Ubuntu (MATE) 17.10 and kernels > (Hibernation broken in kernel 4.13.0-25).

Hope the issue with Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate will be fixed. Hibernate is THE FEATURE I use each day on ALL my PCs / notebooks since it was introduced in WinXP (have no idea if it was available before).

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I take your point, Vlad, but Lenovo is not my “guard”. Perhaps the government will find a way—or, already has?—to capture my fingerprint data, in which case I am substantially compromised. I am not interested in committing crimes, so I don’t take any extraordinary precautions. In the US the presumption of privacy is already dead. The presumption of liberty has been dead for a long time. This is not a constitutional republic any more. It is a democracy of indentured serfs, of grazing sheep. :slight_smile:

I have to sudo many times every session. As soon as I boot up I have to sudo to mount my Samba shares. Having the fingerprint login is convenient for me. I can live without it, but I like having it.


Well, If the privacy is dead then let us walk around naked, who cares - everyone is visible?
I don’t care what the some kind of people wants.
Obviously they have some irrational fear of people in this world
so they must find the way to secure their position for lazy, selfish and greedy personality.

Instead to control me, you or anybody else, it’s much better for them to visit a psychiatrist.
Maybe is some kind of trauma from the their own childhood behind of everything?
Or to go to the church to confess their “success in life”?

Ok, internet is not place for privacy it is just system for the communication with IP address instead of the users name.
And unfortunately for wasting time (entertainment), viagra spam and hot ladies just 15Km from my house. :monkey:

This is the Linux, system for the open mind people.
Or I hope so…
Debian have fantastic logo which explains enough :smiley:

If there is a big government then human nature dictates that sociopathic people will capture it gradually. This is what it is. As far as going to church, most of them don’t believe in God any more. :slight_smile:

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Do you mean Hibernate or Suspend?

Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate - not working correctly (sudo pm-hibernate)
Suspend (to RAM) - works

I don’t want to spam this topic so this will be my last reply about this:
Selfish, greedy and lazy people needs just naive or stupid people for purpose of their demands.
You can be naive one or two times, unless you have been fooled more times than that
If you have been fooled three or more times then you have a problem not them.
So I don’t need that “scan the owner” technology.
The technology is nice but this world is not (including the past times).

I can confirm that in 18.04, “sudo systemctl hibernate” doesn’t work on my Dell Latitude 5580. It looks like it saves the state to disk, but when turning the machine back on, it comes up as if it were a cold boot.

I don’t think the issue is specific to Ubuntu MATE though.

Thank you so much! I was going to wait for the first point update, but couldn’t forbear trying the first issue in live mode. It was so clean, responsive, and intuitive that after several hours of using it on a stick, I just went ahead and clicked the “Install” icon. This is the best Ubuntu MATE yet, and I’ve been talking it up to all my friends and on Twitter, too. I also tried vanilla Ubuntu and liked it, but MATE is better!
I’m running it on a 6-year-old Thinkpad i5 with 8GB and a consumer SSD. Now, get this: I also have a new work-provided i7 Thinkpad with 8GB & fast SSD running Windows 10. which machine is faster, do you think? I suppose you could construct tasks that the new i7 would complete faster, but all-round, for general business use? It’s the old i5 running UM!
I had UM on this same machine previously - 16.04 - and somehow you have achieved the feat of making the later iteration even more responsive than the old one.
Again, thanks for an amazing job - you guys are the best! I’ve contributed before, and will do it again. God bless you!

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OK - so I have been happily using 17.10. When I’m ready to head to 18.04 (probably after this week as I’m heading to PyCon and don’t want to deal with changes on my computer up prior to heading out), should I dist-upgrade, or fresh install it???

I think I found a solution to my “Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate” issue for Ubuntu (MATE) 18.04, but still testing… I’m so really excited :innocent:, I could hug the entire world :smile:

The “magic” happened by setting the additional kernel parameter resume=UUID=UUID_OF_SWAP_PARTITION via Grub Customizer or via:
sudo pluma /etc/default/grub
and adding the “resume” parameter to this line

Based on these:

The special “resume” kernel parameter was not required for Ubuntu 16.10, 17.04, 17.10 ! Why is it required now ? Anyway, it doesn’t matter, as long as there is a way to make this work :laughing:

I’ll be back with a detailed instruction set for Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate for Ubuntu (MATE) 18.04 (of course, my way).

Once again, thank you so much to the wonderful people making Ubuntu MATE such a lovely DE for my PCs.

Edit: See my solution step by step Hibernate / Resume from hibernation - Ubuntu (MATE) 18.04


Only for clarification:
The suspend option, is the same as Windows’s sleep right? The machine goes to a low-power state and the current working state is stored…
HIbernate powers down the PC completely but the current working state is stored on the hard drive…
Am I right?

Yes, Suspend is Windows-Sleep. Hibernate is the same in Ubuntu (MATE) and Windows.

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Is there a release date for 18.04.1?

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Based on information here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule, Ubuntu 18.04.1 will be released on the 26th of July, 2018.

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