Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS is out!


Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate - not working correctly (sudo pm-hibernate)
Suspend (to RAM) - works


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I can confirm that in 18.04, “sudo systemctl hibernate” doesn’t work on my Dell Latitude 5580. It looks like it saves the state to disk, but when turning the machine back on, it comes up as if it were a cold boot.

I don’t think the issue is specific to Ubuntu MATE though.


Thank you so much! I was going to wait for the first point update, but couldn’t forbear trying the first issue in live mode. It was so clean, responsive, and intuitive that after several hours of using it on a stick, I just went ahead and clicked the “Install” icon. This is the best Ubuntu MATE yet, and I’ve been talking it up to all my friends and on Twitter, too. I also tried vanilla Ubuntu and liked it, but MATE is better!
I’m running it on a 6-year-old Thinkpad i5 with 8GB and a consumer SSD. Now, get this: I also have a new work-provided i7 Thinkpad with 8GB & fast SSD running Windows 10. which machine is faster, do you think? I suppose you could construct tasks that the new i7 would complete faster, but all-round, for general business use? It’s the old i5 running UM!
I had UM on this same machine previously - 16.04 - and somehow you have achieved the feat of making the later iteration even more responsive than the old one.
Again, thanks for an amazing job - you guys are the best! I’ve contributed before, and will do it again. God bless you!


OK - so I have been happily using 17.10. When I’m ready to head to 18.04 (probably after this week as I’m heading to PyCon and don’t want to deal with changes on my computer up prior to heading out), should I dist-upgrade, or fresh install it???


I think I found a solution to my “Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate” issue for Ubuntu (MATE) 18.04, but still testing… I’m so really excited :innocent:, I could hug the entire world :smile:

The “magic” happened by setting the additional kernel parameter resume=UUID=UUID_OF_SWAP_PARTITION via Grub Customizer or via:
sudo pluma /etc/default/grub
and adding the “resume” parameter to this line

Based on these:

The special “resume” kernel parameter was not required for Ubuntu 16.10, 17.04, 17.10 ! Why is it required now ? Anyway, it doesn’t matter, as long as there is a way to make this work :laughing:

I’ll be back with a detailed instruction set for Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate for Ubuntu (MATE) 18.04 (of course, my way).

Once again, thank you so much to the wonderful people making Ubuntu MATE such a lovely DE for my PCs.

Edit: See my solution step by step Hibernate / Resume from hibernation - Ubuntu (MATE) 18.04


Only for clarification:
The suspend option, is the same as Windows’s sleep right? The machine goes to a low-power state and the current working state is stored…
HIbernate powers down the PC completely but the current working state is stored on the hard drive…
Am I right?


Yes, Suspend is Windows-Sleep. Hibernate is the same in Ubuntu (MATE) and Windows.


Is there a release date for 18.04.1?


Based on information here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule, Ubuntu 18.04.1 will be released on the 26th of July, 2018.


Thanks. I’ll switch back to 16.04 over the weekend.


I’m a very new (or is that gnu) user of Linux. Figured if my musician son can figure it out so can I. Picked up a usb live product from osdisc.com and had win 10 do a full gainer out the window! Felt good. U-Mate is fast stable and easy to install & use. The LibreOffice Suite is Sweet and I’m having fun at the keyboard again.
Excellent job, Wimpy !


Now the Panel has contracted the habit of forgetting the locations of items in it. It does not happen regularly. Intermittently it will rearrange application launchers between reboots. Or, it will move applets that have ‘Locked To Panel’ checked! So, I have to unlock them all, rearrange them, and then lock them again. Endless drama!

6 more weeks to decision time—18.04.1.


I wanted to thank all devs and Martin in particular for all the work they put into UM. I love the product and it’s great to be Windowsfree. Posting this hier for visibility after reading a few peculiar posts in other sections of the forum. Thanks again.


Thanks a lot for this stable version! I just switched this weekend from windows 10 to Ubuntu MATE. In the past I experienced some problems with the transition to Linux but with Ubuntu MATE everything works excellent out of the box! Great job!


Yesterday I did upgrade my Ubuntu 16.04 to Bionic Beaver 18.04 , it says I have missing DPKG files , now I lost internet connection on Ubuntu Mate , server not found error , and no log in to Bionic Beaver , it prompts me to log in over and over again . I want to use Ubuntu mate 18.04 , what can I do ? Help please


Do a clean installation, an upgrade almost always breaks something…
So my advice is perform a clean installation of Bionic…


Agree. Installed 18.04 on three different laptops recently and worked like a charm ootb. Mostly.


Mostly? What happened?


Not a lot, from the view point of someone who is installing Ubuntu for a few years now. But quite a bit if you are „just a user“. One Maschine was as lenovo Legion y520 and there you need to tweak the bios a bit to make sure UM „sees“ the drives and some lines in the terminal to get WiFi going.

It’s all not rocket science and it ran like a charm afterwards. But most people wouldn’t even try that sort of stuff.