Ubuntu MATE 19.10 reaches end of life

As of July 17, 2020 Ubuntu MATE 19.10 will reach EOL (End of Life) and is no longer supported. There will be no more updates or security patches for this release.

Being an interim release, these are only supported for 9 months .

How do I check?

See which version you are running by opening the :monitor: System Monitor and checking the System tab.

Or via the :terminal: Terminal:

cat /etc/os-release

Still using 19.10?

The upgrade path will be to the current LTS release, 20.04 , supported until April 2023 . To upgrade, open :update: Software Updater and follow the steps.

Or alternately, via the :terminal: Terminal:

sudo do-release-upgrade

Does Ubuntu MATE 20.04 support 32 bit computers? I have 3 of them.

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No 32-bit support for 20.04. use 18.04 mate or try peppermint Linux which works very well on low powered machines.

32-bit Debian is a good alternative. I use 64-bit with the Mate desktop.


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There is no 32-bit installation media for 20.04 LTS, but some packages are still exist for it with 32-bit architecture.

You have to check your CPU model(s) or features by lscpu | grep op-mode and determine support of 64-bit. In real life it is very hard to find non-x86_64 CPU nowadays. Even 16-years CPU is 64-bit. As a note, my main laptop from 2010 contains i7 of 1st generation, which is 64-bit, and capable to recognize and use 16Gb of DDR3.
Currently many third-party applications are distributed as 64-bit only. So move to 64-bit on the same hardware may be caused by this fact.

What are your current 32-bit Ubuntu MATE versions?


The do-release-upgrade is the command to be used from the terminal. If you want to know its packages - it is contained in ubuntu-release-upgrader-core deb-package.

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