Ubuntu MATE 20.10 is out!

Ubuntu MATE 20.10 Groovy Gorilla is out!

The releases following an LTS are always a good time :watch: to make changes the set the future direction :world_map: of the distribution with an eye on where we want to be for the next LTS release. Therefore, Ubuntu MATE 20.10 ships with that latest MATE Desktop 1.24.1, keeps paces with other developments within Ubuntu (such as Active Directory authentication) and migrated to the Ayatana Indicators project.


lol Just re-installed previous version yesterday. :rofl:

Question: if I upgrade should it leave most or all of my settings the same?

Thank you for the notice, I must admit Mate 20.04 was the best operating system I have yet used on Linux. If this is as good or better I will be thrilled. I use Hebrew and English in Libre Office so that new is a plus.

Thank you all again for you dedication to a great distro that is so stable and reliable.

Richard user of Linux for so long I can not remember.


Will there be a 32 bit version?

No. The last 32-bit Intel based Ubuntu MATE version is 18.04.

Please consider making a Raspberry Pi Mate image based on 20.10.

And secondarily, please add something to the image that enables foolproof remote viewing on a Windows PC. This is currently made difficult by the number of available rdp/vnc servers/clients and the myriad of poorly documented dependencies, options, config files, and settings for each.

Installing the 20.10 desktop Pi image released today on the Ubuntu website starts up fine but apt install of ubuntu-mate desktop did not work. (Hangs at a black screen on reboot). After reimaging and trying gnome/kde/xfce4 desktops, neither xrdp nor vnc worked using methods I have gotten to work on your 20.04.1 Mate image.


Great job Ubuntu MATE Team!

Updated one of my PCs. Smoothly, no issues at all. Love it :heart_eyes:
From what I've seen by now, everything works as expected.

Thank you so much to all from the Ubuntu MATE team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello, thanks for the work done on this release.
Nevertheless it would have been a good thing to email the translators on Transifex to indicate that they now have to translate the Ayatana Indicators elsewhere. Because some locales now have part of the menu half translated or not at all...

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Please read the release notes.

Raspberry Pi images

We have been preparing Ubuntu MATE 20.04 images for the Raspberry Pi and we will be release final image for 20.04 and 20.10 in the coming days :slightly_smiling_face:


My english is not the best of the world. That s why I allow myself to ask you: what is the best way to download and install the newest version fo Linux Ubuntu Mate 20.10?

Many thanks in advance for your recommandation.
Noël Muré
Basel-Town Switzerland
[email protected]

La meilleure façon consiste à créer une clé USB bootable (8gb ou plus de préférence) sur laquelle vous pourrez démarrer afin d'essayer la distribution et de lancer son installation.
Pour ce faire il vous suffit de télécharger un logiciel comme Balena Etcher qui est tout simple à utiliser (il suffit de choisir l'iso d'Ubuntu MATE téléchargeable ici ainsi que la clé USB de destination et de cliquer sur flash).
Après il vous suffira d'accéder au boot menu de votre ordinateur (la touche pour y accéder diffère selon les constructeurs) au démarrage de celui-ci avec la clé USB connectée et de la sélectionner, ce qui vous donnera le choix de tester ou d'installer directement Ubuntu MATE 20.10.

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Same here. Like you say, GOOD JOB to the team.

Updated my "daily driver" this evening. Again, simple, smooth, no issues!

I've spent some time "reactivating and configuring" some of the disabled repositories, but this is normal (ok, quite difficult for someone not familiar to this).

Thank you so very much!

(Funding / my contribution, via PayPal, as with each new version of Ubuntu MATE => DONE... it's worth every penny!!!)

Quick update. I did get apt install of Mate to work on the ubuntu stock image. New sequence tried was to install lightdm on it's own, rebooting, and then installing ubuntu-mate-desktop.

Hi Frank,

So far so good. Love your work.

Thank-you very much,


Hi @ozmumby.

Thanks for the kind words.

However this is not my work, this release is the result of outstanding teamwork.


Loving the release. Feels at home as usual.
Great job !

In addition, we have prepared updated MATE Desktop 1.24.1 packages for Ubuntu MATE 20.04 that are currently in the SRU process. Given the number of MATE packages being updated in 20.04, it might take some time :hourglass_flowing_sand: for all the updates to land, but we’re hopeful that the fixes and improvements from MATE Desktop 1.24.1 will soon be available for those of you running 20.04 LTS

when mate 1.24.1 arrive in Ubuntu 20.04?