Ubuntu Mate 22.04 not booting from usb

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My system is not booting from usb stick after installing Mate 22.04 in the usb. Tried several usb drives. It does boot from 20.04.3.

Any help ?

Thank you

Gnome-disks+ restore from disk.

That is how I did mine (20.04.4 with 5.13 kernel) and there were no problems. So, I'm not suspecting a bug.

Just a couple suggestions you might try:

-Re-download the ISO and try again.
-Try creating the older 20.04.3 on one of the new thumb drives and see if it works. This might eliminate a hardware issue with writing the ISO.

Best of luck.


Thanks for your answer. I have just tried your instructions with two usb sticks, but still not booting with Mate 22.04 from usb.

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if it's a "legacy" BIOS-only system (opposed to UEFI) could be this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/1922342

Hello Iosu_Beobide_Aizpuru

I suggest you:
[1] download via torrent.
[2] check the sha256sum
[3] transfer the ISO-file to the usb-drive using «MX Live-Usb Maker» (Releases · dolphinoracle/lum-qt-appimage · GitHub) :penguin: :dolphin:

That worked for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another idea might be to just copy the iso file into the USB stick and then boot it with GRUB.

Boot a live CD iso on your hard drive using GRUB2

That's what I do and I also install GRUB to the USB and add GRUB files and a grub.cfg and change the ownership of it so it's quick and easy to edit with pluma. A lot of the stuff in it can be just deleted out of the menu section if you're not using it to boot your main installed operating system(s) and replaced with you iso booting stanzas.

The USB can still be used for files that way and there's no need even to format it first. GRUB understands all file systems as far as I know. Most iso files won't take up much space in your USB and so it's possible to fit several more iso files in the same USB. When a newer version's iso file comes out you just delete the old one and edit the grub.cfg with the new one.

I realize this idea might not be the best for everybody, especially anyone with a fear of the command line, but there are some people who might find it simpler and easier in the long run.