Timeframe for "cleanup" of the 22.04 clean LTS

I realize that much work has gone into the 22.04 LTS. To all contributors I extend my heartfelt thank you for all your efforts, trials and tribulations. I know my life would be hell if I was still a prisoner of the MS environment.

But ... some issues have been raised, via this forum, which have caused me to postpone my ugrading from 20.04 LTS, regardless of how badly I want to upgrade.

Recognizing that some issues can take longer to be resolved, and therefore continue development until fully resolve and rolled into a point-release, is there a currently published timeline for 22.04.1 LTS ? Also, when would the scope for that release be published ?

Items which for me raise red-flags are as follows:

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This was actually a LibreOffice configuration issue. It is solved.

Thank you for all these pointers. I am also going through the issues described with Howto: fixing some Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS issues to get my fresh install of UbuntuMate 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) Linux distribution (wiped out the entire disk before starting with the installation) cleaned up free of issues to the extent possible.