22.04 browsers are freezing

Hello. Just updated today to mate 22.04, so no fresh install, 3 systems.
mate 21.10->browser works

mate 20.04 english->browser works after reboot and after freezing at first reboot.

mate 20.04 romanian-> any browser freezes. i uninstalled and installed again.. i switched to english and installed languages. no change. when I start the computer an error popup appears asking to report it. This was an ubuntu upgrade from 18.04.

I installed a fresh 22.04 and the behavious did not change apart from the error popup. I also tried firefox with try ubuntu. Same freezing is occuring. Strange thing that this is happening only on one of 2 identical laptops. 20.04 runs ok on this laptop from try and from hdd.

Edit. It started freezing an the other laptop to...After I close firefox once, the second time it works. lol. Chromium works from start on the second laptop. I'm reinstalling 20.04 and that is the end of it...

That behaviour sounds weird. Please look one of the latest posts with three ways you can count on, to install firefox. I had freezings of upto 1 minute with the snap version that comes with Jammy so I got rid of it and installed firefox-esr
If you try one of these ways firstly remove firefox installed with snap typing on a terminal

sudo snap remove firefox

Just finished reinstalling 20.04 +update. Firefox is still freezing. Chromium works. Maybe Mozzila "nailed" this to all ubuntu versions. It says version 99.0

if I run it from terminal:

$ firefox
ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment.
ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment.
ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment.
ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment.
[2022-04-24T20:25:53Z ERROR mp4parse] Found 2 nul bytes in "\u{0}\u{0}"
[2022-04-24T20:25:53Z ERROR mp4parse] Found 2 nul bytes in "\u{0}\u{0}"
[2022-04-24T20:25:53Z ERROR mp4parse] Found 2 nul bytes in "\u{0}\u{0}"
[2022-04-24T20:25:53Z ERROR mp4parse] Found 2 nul bytes in "\u{0}\u{0}"

Edit. Same happens on the other laptop. firefox 99.0.1. So only on a HP Z400 Ubuntu 22.04 is usable for me until now.

@Pala I tried also esr after uninstalling firefox. It froze. But the thing is that also opera and chromium froze..

good call. you can wait until August, when the first point release comes out, to try 22.04 again


It sounds weird. sincerely I have never experienced that even running 20.04 with 4 gb of ram and an old processor.

Neither have I. Weird is that on hp z400 it works. On the laptops the 4gb rams are not full when the browsers are freezing...


I don't know ypur specs. But if you have upgraded first and after that you have installed a fresh 22.04 despite I'm not expert in hardware issues but I'll be looking if something in your pc is wrong. There's no significant consumption of memory between 20.04 and 22.04.

And there is another freezing issue on reddit about this:

My laptops are good 100%. I've used them with 14.04, 18.04 and 20.04 without issues.

I am exactly in the same situation. Laptop is 100% good, used to work fine with 14.04, 18.04 and 20.02. Now, after updating to 22.04, it freezes all the time. Uninstalling Firefox snap and installing ESR had no effect whatsoever. Then there was that extraordinary piece of advice from Mr Markartman that I should shut my laptop down and wait till August "to try 22.04 again".
Perhaps it is high time to say good-bye to UM.

these guys are all making fun of us: 22.04 can only be "jammy"...

Funny thing is than on one of my laptops, it worked in the first day after upgrading from 20.04. Now I wait for updates that will fix the issue. On the second one it did not work at all and I reinstalled 20.04. Also on desktop it works...

Updated to firefox 100 and the isue persists...

same here, keeps freezing and resetting.
on laptop got the ominous yaru problem and cannot upgrade
22.04 is total crap release

For some laptops at least...

Wait for the 22.04.1 release to let them fix out some bugs. And if you dislike ubuntu, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from picking another distro which will better suit your needs.

Ubuntu mate is the easiest to use flavour so I'm happy with it even if the 22.04 is not usable yet on some laptops.

Yes, i do agree that for some laptops its a problem.
People tend to buy hardware with nvidia or some other hardware that doesn't work well with linux, then after enough issues, they start hating that distro and don't recommend it to others.

Well, that is not my case. I like old hardware. New things are faster and not so reliable.

I also like old hardware. WIndows 11 is trying to make old hardware seem useless. Well, what Microsoft is saying is a useless excuse when i can use several linux distros that will support an old pc for nearly the same functions and apps avaliable.