Ubuntu mate 64 bit on raspberry

Hello All,
Is there any flavor of Ubuntu Mate available for Raspberry in 64-Bit architecture. Am trying to install some packages on it, which supports only 64-Bit. Thanks in Advance.

The Raspberry Pi 2 use ARMv7 aarch32 SoC. It is a completely different architecture that x86 CPUs. It can not run any x86 software.

@Wimpy, so you are saying that Pi can’t support x64 OSes or something else? Can you elaborate it? Thanks.

The Pi has an ARM based processor. Completely different than x86. Think of the Pi as a cell phone (because that’s what it is basically). You can’t install x86 apps on a cell phone.

@Brian_Millham but people in some community, ther were successfully installing the x64 packages and all, like Dockers and all… how is it possible then?

No, you cannot install x64, unless you get the source code and compile it.

@Brian_Millham Thanks for your clarifications.

Depending on what you are trying to install, you may be able to compile it yourself. It really depends on what libraries the source code requires. I’ve install software that’s only available on x64, but had to do it building. I’ve also had failures trying to do the same.

Try asking about the software you are actually trying to install, then people may be able to help you better.

Yeah you are correct… We are exactly trying to install the Dockers on Pi.

Check this out, looks like Docker can work on a Pi: http://dockerblog.dev77.net/2015/07/dockercon-2015-videos-day-2-closing-keynote/

Thanks A Lot @Brian_Millham … I have got a awsome blog to work on Dockers using Pi, http://blog.hypriot.com/ . Thanks Again!!

Good luck, and just to help others that may be interested, keep us informed with your progress.

yaa sure @Brian_Millham … Great Community!!

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