Ubuntu MATE not booting

I think something went wrong when I installed on my desktop. I’ve now got UMate running on 5 computers, Raspi2, Raspi3, 2 laptops, and my gaming desktop. I know how to go through the install and setup. For some reason, the desktop won’t boot, unless I put the original boot usb drive. It was booting fine, until I installed the Nvidia gpu drivers, now I only get a ‘Not Supported’ on the monitor. If I put the USB boot drive in, then it boots without a problem. It’s not a big problem, and a reinstall would be easy, since I don’t have any data on it yet, but I am curious as to what has happened.
Any ideas? I’d love to hear them. Thanks.

According to your other post in the other thread :slight_smile: it will boot if left alone for a few minutes. If I understand this correctly. So let it boot without your intervention and then run this in terminal…

systemd-analyze blame

That will give you a list of the boot time process and what is hanging.

I wonder if the modules are loading.
systemctl status systemd-modules-load

That will either give you a pass or fail.

What exactly do you have?
inxi -G

And lets go from there

Now, it’s not booting at all without the USB drive. I think I’ll have to edit my other post, since the behavior has changed, although I did write a follow up. I’m thinking what I did was install the Nvidia drivers while still running Ubuntu MATE from the USB drive and it installed the drivers to the USB. Of course, if anyone can learn from my mistakes, all the better. I’ll run the checks you suggested and let you know. Thanks


if you can get into recovery mode, remove the Nvidia drivers per this guide (see this bit: "Okay, I installed the wrong driver and now I can't boot/my graphics are shot!:"):

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