Ubuntu MATE stats

Do we have any statistics on how many people use Ubuntu MATE, where they live, etc.?

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where they live?

all you get is geo information based on ip, which could be a real ip or a vpn ip.


That is what you get automatically. But some groups are doing surveys to understand better their community.

Nothing official, but there are community stats:

10.6K users all time
(50 new in past 30 days)
(212 active users in past 30 days)

-- https://ubuntu-mate.community/about

Take with a pinch of salt. There's probably many more Ubuntu MATE users who never registered here. The admin dashboard reports around ~4,000 anonymous users visit a day (excluding crawlers) for the past month.

There was once a thing called a "Popularity Contest" where new Ubuntu installs could opt in to report the most installed packages. Debian still has it. If it was still around, that could be used to count how many times a package like ubuntu-mate-desktop was installed (for users who opted in).

Since ubuntu-mate-welcome is a pre-installed snap, I have access to some snap metrics - these are not public. This might not be accurate because users might have uninstalled snap.

At time of writing, there are 103,085 weekly active devices. This is the map:


It's Awesome to have geo data like this


Really awesome statistics, thank you very much!

What about people that disabled the welcome window, do they count as active also?

There should be many more MATE users than on this site. I always install MATE for unexperienced users, they don't know about MATE or Linux. Therefore I like your statistics about the active welcome screen.


I don't know, good point. Could "weekly active" be counting someone who just recently installed or is it counting who currently has the snap installed and is connected to the internet?

Maybe of interest is which OS the snap is running on:

(+72 devices in 3 days!)
Seems LTS releases are the most popular ^

Unlike say, a business counting sales, suppose it is technically difficult to get an accurate number of users, so, pinch of salt! Be nice if Canonical did open up metrics publicly for any snap in the store.