Ubuntu mate the best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:


A HUGE thanks to everyone who participated in ubuntu MATE for bringing me back the joy of computing ,
best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:


Plus: I find this community very friendly and helpful…!


so far everything related to ubuntu mate is just so simple , nice and well done :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s really true. I am from germany an my english is really not the best, but this community is very helpful.


Your first thread and you already racked up 9 likes.

My crystal ball says you have a future here :slight_smile:


Welcome !
I don’t know if it’s the best distro, but at least for your needs it seems to be.
For sure UM is a wonderful project and the community is helpfull caring.
I am really not either the best in english as you can tell, but we all wish you a good trip in this company :blush:


It’s surly a great distro and very stable I have about six different distributions and two of six are mate great job guys


Ubuntu Mate truly is an awesome Distro with a very helpful and friendly community. In my opinion it Is one of a kind, for all the right reasons. Ubuntu mate the best distro around? I guess that depends on who you ask…but if you ask me the answer is yes, Hell yes !


Yes this particular forum is very friendly and I’m very pleased with how they treat the members of this forum. I’m a member of other forums and there not like this one. Thank you guys for being one of the best forums around


If you like light and configurable distribution :
Do you know Voyager ?
english video about it


Definitely an amazing community. I love this distro.


Ubuntu MATE is powerful, simple, efficient, user-friendly, newbie-friendly. It’s basically the best distro ever. Plus I love green!


I am not a big fan of the default green theme, but that really not a big deal as mate has so much tools to offer to help configure it the way we like. Besides, Ubuntu Mate comes within others themes.


I always wondered why Numix is not the default. A lot of the “pretty distros” go with that theme, and I think it meets the design needs of most people. Others can change it if they don’t like it.


That’s just an opinion, but currently i feel the default theme much more clear, readable and easy to recognize especially for new linux users as they recently switched to Linux. Personally at the moment i go Vibrancy ! :relaxed:


It’s like riding an old bike. Feels good to be back on it.


since Gnome was replaced by Unity, I used gnome-session-fallback up to Ubuntu 14.04.
Two days ago, I wanted to upgrade Ubuntu 14.04 to16.04 from the update utility, but it was not a good idea. Never do that ! ^^
after then tried twice from a Live-CD, I had the same problems and finally ! I decided to install Gnome Mate !
I assure you, it was the best decision i’ve take !
Thanks for the devs , this is awesome, I rediscovered Ubuntu
( and also google traduction )


I also used gnome-session-fallback for some time but it didn’t worked well om my machine, not sure why. So I had cinnamon for some time, which was usable on ubuntu but had huccups sometimes.

My experience with gnome-session-fallback at first made me skeptical to try MATE, I glad I did, I was not disappointed. Good job, thank you for making this. Big thanks to Wimpy for making it official flavour which ensures compatibility with other ubuntus. That’s I guess why I never quite warmed up to like Linux Mint, they do some things their own way and one can’t never really be certain that tips on ubuntu that one finds on the web would work in Mint.


As a first time Linux-Ubuntu user, I agree that Mate is “newbie-friendly.” I like it a lot :grin: I hope it will continue to get better. On top of that, the Community is awesome! You guys rock!


an old bike with new gears :slight_smile: