Ubuntu mate the best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:


My first Linux was Ubuntu 10.04, just a for the web, just for a while until saving cash for the new Windows machine… Well, after few weeks didn`t miss W so much!

Then, with gnome2 until came along gnome3. Old computer was too old, then lxde, xfce, distrohopping with Fedora, Suse, Mageia (was good, actually), CrushBang worked well in low-spec movie machine.

New PC, did not like Unity, Gnome3 for awhile. Nothing to stay on. Mint was nice, but i already have a mother telling me what to do (and what not) =D.

Shortly, been for about a year with Mate, and i feel like home! Gnome2 was intuitive, friendly even, very nice. Mate brings all that back!
Gnome3, Unity, Windows, they all are a solution to a problems that does not exist! In my phone it would be an agony using Gnome2-like DE, and on my desktop working with cellphone-like DE isn´t so very good experience.

Hell, i installed UMate to my girlfriend PC, she had W7 before, and she likes it. My mother, an W10 fighter/veteran says “how can this thing be so easy” after using my PC for awhile!

So thanks, team, youre doing some things very right with Mate!!!


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By far best linux distro


i have tried every video player including vlc,smplayer,mplayer,banshee etc… nothing was helpful …please kindly help me to use a player which meets good needs and everything else is great other than this video player … im loving ubuntu mate


Actually out of the players you listed VLC is my go to player. It plays everything I throw at it on PC as well as mobile devices. In a pinch when nothing else works for ripping DVDs I use the record function in vlc to accomplish that task. You might want to explain the issues you are having as well as hardware you are using. It might help others to offer you a solution.


Don’t know if it is the best distro. It is my first in use. But I have to agree that the community is incredibly helpful. Now that my problems with the panel are solved I am really happy with UM.
Next thing is to get W7 run in a VB. Unfortunately there are two progs I cannot do without.

Any ways: chapeau, great thing you have going there.


I have been using Ubuntu since 11.04. After installing 16.04 and using it for several months, I decided to install Ubuntu Mate one one rather aging Dell Inpsiron laptop. I liked how it ran on a computer with only 2 GB of RAM without issue. I have now replaced all my laptops running Ubuntu 16.04 w/ Unity, to Ubuntu Mate 16.04.

Currently, I am writing this post on my Linux daily driver, a Thinkpad T420 w/ 16GB RAM, quad-core i7, and 1TB hybrid drive. Everything works well, and I am really enjoying it. It is stable and I have had no problems. Installation was a breeze, and it has not crashed on me yet.

One of the things that I find so enjoyable about using Ubuntu Mate, is how I can tweak the desktop to work exactly as I want it to.

Anyway, thanks to all who make this distro work so well.


I have my kids even running UBUMate! They love it!!
Me too :joy:
Thank you to everyone that works on UBUMate


I’ve tried a lot, a lot of distributions. Mint, Pepermint, U-Studio, KFStudio, AVLinux, and more, but Ubuntu Mate is the best on my aging computers.


Feels much snappier than other mate based distros(personal opinion)…


Ubuntu Mate is the one and only reason why I am back with Ubuntu. I had been a Mint Mate user for years and it’s fine. However, the simplicity, theming (the green is gorgeous), user experience, speed of Ubuntu Mate (on my Mac Air), and rock solid stability has me completely converted. I had read that Ubuntu Mate was chosen as the best OS for laptops. It absolutely is! Thank you developers! You have created something special.


I agree, best distro around thanks to the ubuntu-mate team for giving us if not the best OS.


For quite a while I switched back and forth from Ubuntu to Mint Cinnamon, Mint MATE and a few others in search of an environment I wanted to stick with. Nothing seemed to fit. Then I found Ubuntu MATE 16.04. It is rock solid and fast on my older machines as well as my newer ones. It’s extremely easy to work with and customize, and is very intuitive. It has made my old HP dv7 i5 laptop feel like a new expensive machine running much, much faster than with Win 10. I haven’t been this happy with a desktop environment in years. I, too, am a convert.


Loving Ubuntu mate… Definitely the most stable ,customizable , comfortable, and responsive Linux distribution I’ve ever used as well as having a wonderful community You cant go wrong!


While one’s OS preferences are obviously subjective, Ubuntu Mate is by far the most impressive distro I have tried. My others are Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin, Elementary, Deepin, Makulu, Fedora, Manjaro, Linux Lite and Solus. Oh, and Windows. U-Mate beats them all easily. The default background is so beautiful I doubt I will ever change it. I even keep the Logo as I’m proud to display it. The introductory Welcome material is so good that anyone - even someone who has not used a computer before - could be up and running quickly and painlessly. Complete? Completely. A polished, finished masterpiece of an operating system. Sometimes I just sit and stare at the screen in admiration. Of course one must acknowledge that it is built on the shoulders of giants, especially of course Ubuntu. (I know, it is Ubuntu. That’s why it’s so good).

Thank you for this wonderful operating system. I look forward to many years of happy marriage. I think my search for the ultimate Linux - indeed, the ultimate operating system period - is over. (But don’t rest on your laurels - keep up the excellent work!).


I second that! Job well done, MATE folks! :slight_smile:


I agree. Ubuntu Mate is the best I’ve found, and I’ve tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Lubuntu, as well as Debian w/ KDE, and a couple of others.


a lightweight eyecandy (a powerful distro with a style):blush:


Yes, I just started using it because of the “Mate’ Tweak” Cupertino. I prefer it to the Elementary OS Pantheon desktop and the GMAC 16.04 formerly Pear OS.


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