Ubuntu mate the best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:


Hey Ubuntu MATE Community!

A big thank you to the dev’s working on this project! I am loving my Ubuntu MATE 16.04 with a lightly edited version of Cupertino layout. Also, I decided to run with Ulauncher rather than the standard or advanced menus.

Keep up the great work, and thank you SO MUCH for the software boutique options to install Google Chrome and Spotify with a single click each!!!


Hi i am a new user of Linux and was shopping around for an easy to use dist.
I had a view but they where not so easy to use.
then I found Ubuntu Mate and I like it very well.
at the moment I use it on a Raspberry-pi 2 but I want to use it also on other single board computers like
Orange-Pi plus 2 it has an a Al-winner H3 processor 4x1.6gh, WiFi ,Bluetooth, sata ,GB network, and 16gb emmc flash on board.
I would like to see this dist to be the mainstream dist against windows 10.


Welcome Chad_Muller!


I see this light green as a very good default color for start. I think this color fits every eye for a certain degree like the rest of MATE does fit a fair ammount of needs. But it’s not appealing for a new user until you discover there’s more behind the look. Green only makes sense for me after experiencing the whole DE as a neutral color. I use the Ubuntu orange for colors. As a new user I fell in love with the orange and for that and the english ‘mate’ expression as a fresh user I deleted Mate and went back to Gnome-flashback to get orange. The word Mate suggested very low value for me that time. And 1 year passed with flashback because I only remembered this and the green about mate. Now I see it’s way better than gnome flashback. I wasn’t familiar with the having very similar things under totally different names concept. Finally it turned out Mate is just what I needed. And it dawned on me this is what was running on a university public laptop the reason I started using Linux but as a Linux noob it took some time to arrive at Mate.

I can clearly see that my early love for Linux came from the Ubuntu orange style and the window title bar’s (Radiance and Ambiance) perfection. That was the base which is still with me.

A color pick option would be great at install.

The way I love Mate is because it’s a pure tool for doing my work without annoying “new features” that came from a single person’s authoritative mind and of course no switch off option for it. My Linux’s value for me comes 80% from Mate desktop.


It helps if you understand the derivation of the word in the context of Ubuntu Mate… :slight_smile:


I’ve tried a lot of distros in a one week span and fell in love with Ubuntu Mate.


I just installed Ubuntu Mate after dealing with the Ubuntu desktop version for many years and after the release of 17.10, the new gnome version of ubuntu wasn’t playing well with my hardware even after i participated in the shakedown since the call for it in july. i reported several bugs and nothing seems to have been done about it and so i decided to give ubuntu mate a try. one word: WOW!!! totally amazing! i love the mutiny desktop and it works so nice with my laptop! i freaking love ubuntu mate and i just wish i made the switch a long time ago. but, i’m here now and i’m so satisfied with this distro. i’m ready to start testing new builds and betas for 18.04lts. and i agree. this is the best distro ever!!!


Last year I bought a System 76 computer and the Ubuntu distro never did work well for me. I clean install, again and again. It was so unstable; then I tried Ubuntu Mate and it is so much better. Thanks to all who gave it to the world.


I am proud to say that my two kids (8 and 5 years old) were AND are currently raised using Ubuntu MATE (Cupertino desktop) for one year now using only FOSS games and educational FOSS (no wine or WM or Playonlinux on my PCs we are now 100% GNU/Linux)!

I remember that it took my kids just a few minutes to know where everything is/are/ or they needed last year (it took longer for them to master the mouse!).
No need to say that today they are both “professional” user of this fantastic distro!

I won’t give their account sudo rights yet, but I can see already that they will like to tinker around in a not so long time from now…

Thanks a lot to the team for this very easy to learn distribution that is Ubuntu MATE, all the family love it


So cool! My 5 year old installed (with guidance, of course) Ubuntu MATE earlier this year and was almost disappointed at how easy it was. He’s been chugging away happily since and prefers it to even an Android tablet.

No sudo or terminal yet, but he enjoys exploring all the stuff he can find in the menu :slight_smile:


recent ubuntu mate adoptee… it’s really great. stable, fast, modest memory usage.
it’s the distro and UI I’d recommend to anyone.

Thank you developers.


I have used a few distros of Linux and so far I like Ubuntu MATE the most because it is fresh, clean no nonsense and wow it is so easy to install from a flash drive with unetbootin.

The best thing I ever did was to get rid of Windows 7 over a year ago.


Welcome to the forum @Louise. It was a happy day when I wiped Windows 7 off my wife’s hard drive and replaced it with Ubuntu Mate. :slight_smile:


Will they make 12 hour time as default instead of military time in the next distro?


No, this is locale-specific and this will not be overriden by the distro.
What you call “military time” is just “normal time” in most countries.


Yes, the best Linux distro!

I already tested xubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu gnome … but surely MATE is the best interface!




I was running Ubuntu LTS for years until just last year I said I had enough of Unity and found this great distro of Ubuntu mate edition which is desktop friendly and I actually love it coz I like Ubuntu. It is nice to have something like Linux Mint which runs as Ubuntu. :slight_smile: Love this distro. By the way did you know that Ubutnu mate is an integral of Kali+Ubuntu+Mint :slight_smile:


I did not know that, always good to learn something new!


More likes in one thread than everything I ever wrote, and with less effort!

Speaking of, I should revise my present threads for the next LTS.


That was why I initially used UM; I wanted to try Cinnamon but liked the MATE desktop.

After some work I managed to gather it all together. Sadly I believe it’s more difficult today but some Caja extensions can “Fix” it to be on par with Nemo as a DE.