Ubuntu mate the best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:


Think it is fair to say after using Ubuntu since 2008 it is the best distro by far in each of it’s different DE environments.

I do have a favour to ask of Mate. Could we have a email mailing list like Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Ubuntu - I find it easier to use and would keep Mate in with the other flavours of Ubuntu. I also work away from home and take my tablet with me and if I have a problem I can post on the PC and then read the response on a tablet which I can’t do on a forum.


Sorry to be disagreeable but I think it is the opposite of fair to say that, considering numerous factors and especially if you’re looking at each flavor separately.

& I wouldn’t get my hopes up as I’ve seen the question asked before, though it would be great to have one for the MATE desktop itself! (for everyone across distros)


Thank you, Wimpy and team! It’s so wonderful to have a good looking distro that just works, looks good and gets out of your way so you can actually do what you want!


not sure if cinnamon uses red-shift, or is that correct ?


Yeah, Ubuntu Mate is one of the best. It is also the best replacement for Raspbian (the official OS for the raspberry pi) on the raspberry pi. I honestly hate the raspbian OS and it made me stop using the Pi. When I found Ubuntu Mate everything changed…


I did use a lot of Linux Distros, such as Fedora, Mageia, Manjaro, NetRunner, Zorin, Linux Mint, Xubuntu and now latest Ubuntu Mate…
I can agree with the titel here above … I find Ubuntu Mate 17.10 the best Linux Distro !
Thanks and keep on going with this Great Awesome work !


Are you guys at Ubuntu Mate going to drop support for 32 bit


is Mate faster than Lubuntu for video playing and android development with android studio?
If you can build a sample app and report the timing that would be great.


Agreed, I can’t believe how smoothly I can run this on an old Core Duo with 2GB RAM; and I still have all of the features/apps made available to me.

KUDOS to all who made MATE happen

(BTW brand new user here…hello all and thanks for having me)


First impressions…Amazing distro!, all worked very well and even better no tiny fonts I can hardly read. The only thing I did run into was long boot times (about a min with a SSD) when I used LVM however, once LVM was out of the picture I was back to a fast boot.


I’ve had issues in the past but I have installed 18.04 and I can’t find anything that I do not like. Years ago when Ubuntu was first announced I had no interest. For some reason the bad taste is still in my mouth and I have actually tried to find a reason not to like the 18.04 version of Ubuntu Mate. I cannot. I have gotten tired of rolling release models so I decided to give it another try. This is truly and excellent release.


Ubuntu Mate is my favorite distro and Desktop form 3 Years ago, I observed and appreciate the progress, the desktop look have improved, things get better day by day, new features are also added, I just hope that in the future code get stable and bugs fixed as 18.04 quite have a lot of them, but if I remember correctly also 16.04 at release was similar. But also somehow I understand, because of move to a new GTK version, new features are added, …
This desktop has the potential of becoming the ultimate classical/defacto desktop on Linux, for me it is already.
I wait the day when bugs will be fixed, and code get stable, and focus most on using it, than search for bug fix and wait wait for a new update that will improve it’s functionality.


Its true, even I myself find this community rocks.


I agree. I installed the new 18.04 and can’t be happier. My appreciation for the effort in making this awesome distro.


I’ve spent the last few days playing with the new Steam release with Proton/Vulkan. I’m astounded by how many games play perfectly, many that aren’t officially “certified” yet on Proton.

To say this is a game-changer is an understatement. It’s huge, because it takes the keys away from Microsoft as being a gatekeeper for playing games only on their platform. That’s such a huge change that’s come about from having Valve put their weight behind dxvk. The next year in this area is going to be very interesting as Steam starts to correctly report stats on just how many people are really playing on alternative platforms. (Previously Wine users would report as running on Windows XP, I believe Proton corrects that anomaly).

Ubuntu Mate goes from strength to strength, and it’s a joy to know I can depend on it to do what I need it to do without the frustration and pain of other OS’s.


I completely agree. I’ve tried a number of non-Debian distros over the last 10 years, but UM is the very best one. I’ll never stray.


Yes. I’ve been using Linux for three years and today, for me, UM is the best distro.
From Argentina, thank you very much everyone.


Just a shout out that I’m very impressed with Bionic Beaver Yerba MATE :>) I’m liking this distro the most, it is how I’m used to work. The community is also great; very good forum software and good documentation.

I’ve uninstalled Arch Linux plain vanilla Mate (and used Linux Mint MATE earlier).


Ubuntu MATE is my favorite distro.
Thanks for everyone that make it great everyday.
From Brazil with love!


What is needed is good theme for this distro to become good, the only relevant theme for now is radiant, we need something more modern.