Ubuntu mate the best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:


I just loaded MATE 18.10 on my quad core AMD64 / 16 gigs of ram machine. Flawlessly. It only took like 25 minutes, it literally came on with HDMI enabled & it self updated & installed in like 10 more minutes. Clearly the fastest Linux install I done in my life. I clicked on “Displays” in preferences to check my configuration for HDMI…I clicked “same image in all monitors” & it worked perfectly. The feel is “crack addict” fast like Ubuntu 10.04 which WAS my all time favorite until today. Thanx for making the HWE stack magical. It really works great. I know you guys hear a lot of complaints so I just want to say Thanx for fixing the HDMI issues with AMD64 & for making me proud to be on Linux even more. THANX !!
Jayo Green-USA


No se si es la mejor, pero para mi Ubutu Mate tiene todo lo que necesito. Es fácil de usar, amigable y segura