Ubuntu mate the best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:


Just started using UM nearly 2 months now. Luv it! Will continue with help from you guys. Thanks and looking forward to it.........


Hi Wolf, in the same boat here , as a new user i'll be here for quite awhile from now on! Looking forward to it!


I second n third that! thanks...


Previous versions of Ubuntu MATE had issues with my HDMI television on another machine I use to run it on, which I believe worked with minimal issues on present versions.

UM's getting along just fine, and I do hope that GNOME team will eventually admit their faux pas once they realize just how many people still want a GTK2-like environment for the desktop. They would had been better off calling GNOME Shell GNOME Touch or GNOME Tablet UI rather than completely eschewing the userbase they served most with Ubuntu.


Me too,the Mate restaured my passion for computers,so clean,so pro...
Loving it


With the ubuntu-mate ,my PC gained life again,there's no heavy duty that e can't performs ,and the consume of resources is minimun,loving it so far. FRom now on I only work with ubuntu mate


Yeah!! I'm so grateful that the people in this community is so helpful and patient unlike other community they're toxic! Ubuntu MATE forever!