Ubuntu mate the best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:

Just started using UM nearly 2 months now. Luv it! Will continue with help from you guys. Thanks and looking forward to it.........


Hi Wolf, in the same boat here , as a new user i'll be here for quite awhile from now on! Looking forward to it!

I second n third that! thanks...

Previous versions of Ubuntu MATE had issues with my HDMI television on another machine I use to run it on, which I believe worked with minimal issues on present versions.

UM's getting along just fine, and I do hope that GNOME team will eventually admit their faux pas once they realize just how many people still want a GTK2-like environment for the desktop. They would had been better off calling GNOME Shell GNOME Touch or GNOME Tablet UI rather than completely eschewing the userbase they served most with Ubuntu.

Me too,the Mate restaured my passion for computers,so clean,so pro...
Loving it

With the ubuntu-mate ,my PC gained life again,there's no heavy duty that e can't performs ,and the consume of resources is minimun,loving it so far. FRom now on I only work with ubuntu mate

Yeah!! I'm so grateful that the people in this community is so helpful and patient unlike other community they're toxic! Ubuntu MATE forever!

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For some reason I always come back to Ubuntu Mate, rock solid, dependable, everything just does what you need. Thanks for your hard work :+1:

I agree regarding the green, it is not the majority of peoples top colour, whereas blue is. I personally find the green dull, old fashioned looking and not representative of this great distro.

Did you just describe the entire MATE project? :smile:

I love the retro green! Blue has been overdone so much in computer desktops that the green is actually refreshing for me


LOl, no, I did not and retro, to me, does not help to promote a modern, seriously good os which ubuntu mate is. Fact is fact, blue is the most popular colour, agree or not. I love retro, but am sure most people in this world would agree, green, is not a colour to attract/impress or even promote a product, unless it is gardening.
No matter how good your products, if the shop window does not attract people in, your business will suffer.

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Haha I understand the sentiment, and blue does look professional. Keep in mind that Ubuntu became the most used Linux distro by using their quirky brown/orange/purple, so hey, maybe Ubuntu MATE green is the distro/color of the future! :wink:

In any case, Ambiant-MATE is just a theme representing the color of the upstream MATE project, which is not likely to change.

There are some ideas circulating regarding ways of colorizing the default themes, almost like in the old days, but so far would require a ton of work to get working.


I would had loved grey for the brand colour. Least nobody could disagree with it as a default. Anyway, doesn't really matter so long the system works.


Hell yeah. Because Ubuntu Mate isn't just a Linux Distro. It's also Ubuntu+MATE+Love.


I have tested it in VirtualBox for around an hour, so far really good and will install in an old laptop soon.

Highly recommended Ubuntu MATE for old laptops. I'm using Ubuntu MATE&Windows XP(just for nostalgia) with dual boot. Ubuntu MATE is best way to revive your computer. You won't regret it. @j2ee

I agree. It is the best
Have been using Ubuntu MATE since 2015 and I'm far from a power user(I can search and follow simple instructions). Have been distro hopping for a week now; Pop_OS, Elementary OS, Ubuntu, Debian 10 with MATE desktop, MX Linux 18... and back to Ubuntu MATE. Good to be home again.

Kenneth L. Norway

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Melhor Distro!

Depois que comecei a usar Ubuntu MATE passei a me interessar cada vez mais pelo mundo tecnológico.
Quando vi aquele Python instalado na minha distribuição fiquei curioso para saber o que era, e hoje, graças ao Ubuntu MATE estou aprendendo muitas coisas!

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Não poderia dizer o contrário! Uso o UMate há muito tempo, depois de ter passado por um número sem conta de outras distribuições do Linux, e não penso mudar! Muito, muito bom - and the team never lets you down!