Ubuntu Mate & windows 10 Dual boot problem

Sorry If duplicating a topic but this is my last resort after failing to find any solution anywhere else
I have Ubuntu installed firstly and whenever I try to boot to my windows 10 live usb to install it it fails continuing to the grub screen and booting ubuntu normaly knowing the fact that I installed ubuntu in efi mode so any help that what the problem might be ? thanks in advance . :slight_smile:

Additional info that might help:

-I’ve a good experience with ubuntu (unity) been using it for 2 years now with no troubles dual booting it with windows

  • I know the difference between BIOS and UEFI and I’m sure I’m using both in UEFI mode ( sorry but many suggested to check zillions of times if its in bios/legacy )
  • I’m sure the windows usb is going fine it’s working on other machines with signle boot and on Virtualbox in my ubuntu Mate.

It could be the partition itself on how the UEFI is interpreting the data from the USB stick.
You’ll want to take a look at this article here:


If that doesn’t work, I would try with a different USB stick. There are some USB sticks that just refuses to work with Ubuntu.

Which program did you use to write the win10 usb?

I have done this a few times and can confirm that some USB sticks just don’t play nice. Also, which software did you use to make the Windows installation USB?

I tried to burn the iso to the usb using “engrampa” once and “power iso” from another machine but both not working , I also tried more than 3 different usb sticks but same result at the end

This may help:

Disks is also a good one, never ever had a problem with it.

Hi @Amr.Magdy,

have you also disabled secure boot?:

See also:

Yes it’s disabled sure of it.

I’ve tried all the suggested solutions but non of them worked … can anyone suggest a way to get dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu mate ? even if that will wipe out all my data.

Well, I have found, by far and away the least problematic method is to install Windows first and Linux second. Linux plays nice with other OS’s when you install it alongside. Windows, in my experience, does not.

In other words, lift any data you need, wipe your hard drive and install Windows from scratch. Then, install Linux alongside from a USB. I have done this many times. So, if you need help with the Linux part of that process, let me know on here.

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Well I think you’ve given the best suggestion I intend to do so but still I have 2 problems … First of all clearing my hard or removing ubuntu . Second of all is if even that succeeded I still have the problem to boot windows so I think I may be in the same situation :confused:

If you install Windows first, then obviously, it should boot. If you then install Linux alongside, Linux’s grub boot loader will take over and will list MS Windows as one of the OS’s to boot from. If you choose Ms Windows from Grub, it will then pass on the boot process to the original Windows boot loader and Windows will load.

See below for a video I did for someone else showing how to set up a dual boot Windows Ubuntu Mate machine. The version of Windows in the video is XP but that wont make any difference. Also, I have shown how to do it in a virtual machine. Again, the process is the same for a bare metal machine

I don’t think you fully understand me … How will I wipe out my hard drive ? please help me with that and if I did so and now ( hypothetically in boot screen ) I can’t still install windows because I don’t have any other source for it but a live usb

Watch the video. You can wipe the entire drive when you install windows from scratch. But, be sure to have lifted any personal files beforehand.

Ah, well, if you cant install Windows for reasons that are not related to Linux, but are, instead, just a function of something being wrong with your Windows installer, then I cant help you with that. you’ll need to go on a Windows forum for advice on that.

Hi @Amr.Magdy,

if you want to wipe your drive, you can use Gparted which is included in the Live Ubuntu CD/USB image, or download a full ISO from the following link!:


If you know little about partitioning, please start here (UEFI info at the bottom of the guide with links!):

I don’t know I think linux took part screwing things up for windows at least that what I think so , anyways thanks for your efforts steve :slight_smile:

How about if you boot from the boot options menu? Depending on the make of the system, ESC, ENTER, or F12 will take you to the boot options. Manually select your USB stick and see what happens.

Did that already … always boots to ubuntu