Unable to install printer in 18.04

I have a Samsung 410W laserjet. I go to Printers/Add/Network Printer. The system sees my printer, and all I am offered is a Driverless driver. None of the three connection options work. See screen shots below.

So I go to the cups administration via Firefox, select add printer, select my printer, and again, only the Driverless driver is presented, none of which work. I get the “Unable to copy PPD file” error. It seems UM 18.04 does not have a driver for the Samsung 410W.

I had no issue installing printer in 16.04 and the printer is still working fine for 16.04. See below:

Any recommendations how to proceed?

Don’t know how to delete above post. But issue is resolved. I found an old Samsung driver from 2014. I installed it and all works fine.

It would be nice, for future users, if you would elaborate on your ‘resolution’. Don’t you think?

I thought I did provide the solution. I found an old Samsung driver and installed it. What additional information do you want? Do you want me to upload the file?

A ‘solution’ should help others jaybo. Would you please tell future readers where you might have originally found your driver and how you successfully installed it?

I did a google search for c410W print driver and came up with ULD_v1.00.29.tar.gz on the Samsung site. I unpacked the file and ran the “install-printer.sh” file. Then I went back to Printers/Add/Network Printer and the drivers were listed for the C410W.

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