Unknown proprietary driver for Lenovo G50-45

Hi Rod,

I don't think that there is an AMD Driver available yet and I assume you are using the open source variant?.

See also (This might need updating when I have the chance!):

Hi, wolfman, I have run through that page couple times. I’m not sure I
found much help, but back to the unknown ‘alternative driver’, should I
switch to the ‘do not use the device’ mode?

This driver is updated microcode for the AMD 64 CPU. It is normal for Ubuntu to automatically load this driver.

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I only have Intel CPUs, but when I not use the updated proprietary microcode, the CPU will simply use its built in, not so updated proprietary microcode. In practice I never noticed any difference.

HTH, Christian

You should use the updated microcode.


Interesting! I didn’t know. Thanks for the information.