Update start page translations

Hello, 4 months ago I made a translation for https://start.ubuntu-mate.org/ on Transifex for the Occitan language.
It is still not available, so here is my question:
would it be possible to update the translations so it becomes available?

Best regards

Hello, I'm replying here hoping someone would answer.
I am still waiting for my contribution to show on the start page.

Just wishing someone would read my messages and might answer :slight_smile: :angel:

Sorry to hear that nobody has responded. I brought this topic up on @Wimpy's Discord server hoping that the responsible party(ies) will take note. I specifically addressed members of the Ubuntu MATE Team in hopes that one of them has permissions to apply the changes from Transifex. I'll keep trying to get the team's attention if that doesn't work... :crossed_fingers:



I got a response on Discord from @lah7, who told me basically that he used to be able to sync the translations, but he no longer has a Transifex account to do so. I just created myself a Transifex account, and asked @Wimpy (who appears to be the only one left who can sync the Ubuntu MATE Transifex) to either sync the new translations himself or give me syncing capability for the Ubuntu MATE projects.

Obviously I'm witing for a response to that, but whichever one he chooses, I have faith that your translations will get synchronized and applied to the working start.ubuntu-mate.org Web site. I shall keep abreast on this topic as the situation unfolds, and on behalf of everybody else here, I appreciate your contribution of translations. Thank you.


Many thanks @gordon for taking this into account and your feedbacks!

Hello @gordon ,
happy Holiday to start :smiley:
I wanted to know if you had had updates about this?

Best regards

I've tried multiple times, but so far I haven't been able to get through to @Wimpy, (allegedly) the only person here who can sync the translations. I'm about to send him another private message and bug him about it again, hoping he might just respond this time.

Sorry to keep you waiting!

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Franchement je pense quitter l'aventure MATE avec la prochaine version.
Si même toi gordon, avec le titre de Quality Assurance Tester, tu n'arrives pas à communiquer avec les dév., y'a un truc qui cloche...
Mes contributions se sont les traductions, et ça fait 2 ans je pense que je demande à ce que certaines traductions soient actualisées et non rien... on ne cherche pas de solution.
J'ai un système avec des mots d'anglais alors que les traductions existent ailleurs.
Ici pour la maudite page de recherche, j'ai l'impression de demander la lune...
En dehors de ça, on a toujours un train de ■■■■■■ du fait que les sorties de MATE desktop et Ubuntu n'aient rien en commun...Depuis Ubuntu sorti en octobre, RIEN n'est ressorti sous une nouvelle version, ne serait-ce que la synchro. des traductions... Pourtant en lisant les commits sur GitHub on voit que beaucoup de fuite mémoire ont été comblées.

Bonjour !
La nouvelle LTS est sortie est Welcome n'a même pas été synchronisé avec Transifex...