/usr/bin/sudo lost execute permission on reboot


After upgrade to UM 19.10 my "/usr/bin/sudo"
lost on every reboot his execute function.

I tried out a workaround and add

chmod +x /usr/bin/sudo to rc.lcoal

but that did not help.

What can I do to fix that?

Hi mate2go,

upgrade to Ubuntu Mate 20.04 as 19.10 is no longer supported!. :grinning:

Is that possible that your user has lost his membership in sudo and/or adm group?

ugnvs@evm:~$ groups
ugnvs adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare

yes, that's it:

user1 adm disk voice cdrom audio dip video plugdev

How to add "sudo" to the group list? Is that right?

add to file /etc/group:



can I remove voice from the groups list because I don't neet it.

  1. Direct editing of /etc/group should work. Nevertheless, I'd prefer
    #adduser <existing user> <existing group>.

  2. I avoid deleting my user from the groups which were assigned by the system. If voice is an application group then removing it from your user is probably safe enough.

ok, thanks :-)! :smiley: