VLC keeps crashing!

I’m running Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 on a AMD 64bit with AMD/ATI RV730/M96 Mobility Radeon HD 4650/5165 graphics.
VLC 2.2-2.5 keeps crashing when I try to play a video.
No other player has this problem. Help.

By crashing I mean; the screen goes black and I can’t get to a Virtual Console. I have to hold down the power button to reboot.

Hi @gent340,

did you install any graphics card drivers?:

Have you done a full system update?:

But, why doesn’t any other players (SMPlayer, etc) suffer from the same problem??

I cannot answer that, try changing your software sources download loaction and updating again + re-installing VLC from the new repos!. :smiley:

You probably installed a package that uses ffmpeg instead of libav.


apt-cache show ffmpeg

ffmpeg and libav do not play nice together.

AFAIK everything is transitioning to ffmpeg. VLC version 3.0 will use ffmpeg. VLC version 2.x uses libav.

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