VMWare Player no longer compiles modules on 22.10

This fails to install its necessary two modules.

The 16.2.4 release notes mention that a bug with them not compiling on 22.04 was fixed, but clearly something's broken again.

I have seen [20.04] VMware Workstation/Player fails to build kernel modules VMMON & VMNET, but given the age of the files in the github repository, I have not yet tried the solution there.

Reported at Bug #1993863 “VMware Workstation Player fails to compile necessa...” : Bugs : Ubuntu MATE, but I am aware that this tends to be a 'won't (can't) fix' given that VMware don't release the source.

Exactly this.


Virtualbox and all of its components are in the standard repository and is GPL.

It is, and I do use it for some things but..

.. you need to specify you want virtualbox-7.0 to get that version, otherwise you get 6.1

.. it doesn't do 3D acceleration anywhere like as well as VMware does, and some programs I want need that.

Hooray! The recipe at [20.04] VMware Workstation/Player fails to build kernel modules VMMON & VMNET still works.

For the current 16.2.4 version of VMware Player, the file you want is https://github.com/mkubecek/vmware-host-modules/archive/player-16.2.4.tar.gz