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I recently installed Ubuntu-Mate 16.04. I had no issues installing OpenVpn and it connects just fine. However, once connected, I do not have the lock symbol indicating VPN is connected. I am not sure if I did something to mess that up or if OpenVPN installed that way as I may have not checked when I first installed. Is there anyway to get the VPN indicator back? I see it flashing during the connection process, just does not stay after being connected.

Update: This happened because I enabled Indicators under Mate Tweak/Interface

Is it this?


There are recent post at the bottom.

Could be. Seems very similar.

I can’t reproduce using Ambiant MATE icon theme. Got the locked icons.

My bad. I screwed up.

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Even after enabling Indicators under Mate Tweak/Interface? With VPN enabled, I was able to make the lock icon come and go just by checking and unchecking the Indicator box.

OK sorry about that.
I mistakenly disregarded your comment about enabling indicators.

I confirm that I was able to reproduce the problem using the Ambiant MATE icon theme.

The following icon themes are apparently affected:


  • Ambiant-MATE
  • ContrastHigh
  • Radiant-MATE


  • Adwaita
  • Ambiant-MATE
  • ContrastHigh
  • MATE
  • Menta
  • Radiant-MATE

Damn, @Wimpy I forgot about that and this is now hitting 18.04 LTS by default.


I think lubuntu might also be affected @tsimonq2 : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-artwork/+bug/1733359

Thank you for the heads up @Philippe.

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Hi there, I recently updated from 16.04 to 18.04 and I didn’t have this bug but now I do…
No lock when connecting to a VPN over wifi…
Would it be possible to change that please? It’s very important for people in some places to check if their VPN connection is active or not. :confused: