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Hi guys.
Not so long ago I found out about this version of Ubuntu. And I really interested to switch to it from my Ubuntu 14.04. So I started testing it and found that in MATE environment there are no Wacom control panel. But my tablet tablet works fine, including multitouch, so drivers are installed and works.


(Screenshot is from my current Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity. And I can’t post it as image because I’m a new user here.)

Absence of this panel is really problem for me (and others, who uses Wacom tablets) because I can’t set it properly, Especially on laptop, when sometimes I have to draw on internal screen, instead of big external monitor.

As it’s written in the forum, I made a thread on Launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate/+bug/1520801 but for about a week it seems to absolutely no activity.

So it would be great if you add this control panel to system settings out of the box.

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I don’t have one but you can take a look here which might help you:


Click the icon at the far right of the menu bar and select
System Settings.
Open Wacom Graphics Tablet.

That's manual how to use this panel. But problem is MATE doesn't have it.


I don’t have one like I said but did you try installing any packages for Wacom if you didn’t already?, install via a terminal with the following command:

sudo apt-get install libwacom-bin

Hope it helps!. :smiley:

Oh, I get it. Just checked it- libwacom installed. I guess that’s drivers which works out of the box.

As I wrote on Launchpad I tried to install gnome-control-center;
and in file /usr/share/applications/gnome-wacom-panel.desktop change line 11 to OnlyShowIn=GNOME;Unity;MATE;

After that I can launch gnome-control-center only through Terminal and Wacom Graphics Tablet appears there, but crashes when pressing the “Map to monitor…” button.

So it seems to something is missing in the system.

If you can only open the Control Center with the terminal; I think there might be something missing in your system (as you pointed out!), try the following 2 terminal commands and restart if anything updates and see if it fixes the problem:

sudo apt-get --fix-missing install

The above command downloads and installs any missing packages on your system.

sudo apt-get --fix-broken install

The above command downloads and installs any broken dependencies on your system.

Hope it helps!. :smiley:

No, unfortunately it didn't, I've just now tried. I installed a new, clean OS on an old netbook especially for testing.

If you can only open the Control Center with the terminal; I think there might be something missing in your system

I talked about gnome-control-center with I installed by myself, not a standard control center from MATE.
in MATE environment it looks like this pp.vk.me/c628220/v628220771/2b7f3/2xdb4suVvJM.jpg

I started this topic in official community forum because I hope that developers pay attention to it.

By the way on Internet I fond some topics where other people have the same problem, and had to refuse from Ubuntu Mate because of this problem. For example even on this forum Wacom Tablet Settings - #2 by nino_pez

Check and see if the following package is installed on your system (I won’t be held responsible if this breaks your system as I don’t know if it will work at all; or indeed if it is necessary!):

64 Bit:


32 Bit:


See also (might give you an idea or 2!):



It's just a driver. As I told before, it works fine out of the box. The command

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-wacom

told that already installed the newest version.

When I used Ubuntu 10.04 with GNOME2, I did a script to configure tablet. It was not easy and have to change many values for different monitors and tablets. Since Ubuntu 12.04 developers make this panel, with automatically sets it all and very easy to use.

Even If I after weeks force this panel works, it still unusable variant for most people. Because on GNOME3 or Unity environments it's all works fine just out of the box. And in KDE there are similar tool.
I guess it have to be ported on MATE environment by developers, It's not just problem on my system.


Graphical Configuration Tools
for xf86-input-wacom
Wacom Graphics Tablet: A GNOME control center applet. Using both the gnome-settings-daemon wacom plugin and libwacom the applet is gaining a full feature set.
Wacom Tablet:
A KDE 4 KCModule. This KDE system tool implements a GUI for the Wacom
Linux Drivers and extends it with profile support to handle different
button/pen layouts per profile.


install Ubuntu as a base OS and then install the Mate DE on top of that, that is the only way you might get it to work out of the box!. :smiley:

Other than that, I’m out of ideas!. :smiley:

I guess it’s also don’t work because even when others DE installed, when boot in MATE, they don’t run. And this Panel, with don’t designed to run in MATE, also unable to works properly.

Sooo thread is stays on Launchpad, i hope developers pay attention to it. :expressionless:

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So, anyone has any ideas?

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Try the links in answer 3 here?:

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Are you kidding me? No, that's can't help in this situation. By the way Intuos 5 and newer has not OLED displays.

By the way, KDE used to have even more customizability options,
including the ability to easily switch between program specific button
setups, so you could have a setup for Gimp, and another for Krita for
instance. This was great, but those options seem to be gone or not
working in Plasma 5.

Again, how I can run panels, that designed ONLY for GNOME3/Unity or KDE in MATE!?

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Well, it seems me and other artists, and will remain in Unity/ KDE, or even Windows. Because no one cares…

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I am with you, @RSA91 and BTW this seems to still be an issue. It was a lot of work to install the drivers for my Intuos Draw, then I wasn’t able to tweak any settings. Very frustrating not being able to set one monitor only :frowning: Anyway, if I could get access to the actual code for the wacom-panel I may be able to hack it up to work in MATE. I’m gonna look for it but if anyone knows where I can download it please point me in the right direction :slight_smile: It might save me some time. And no, I am not willing to install DE or anything else just to get it. :smiley: Cheers!

PS I’ll post here if I find any solution meanwhile.


I got the same issue too so I can understand your feeling.

Yes, it's really inconvenient to me with out a GUI config panel for Wacom tablet, but I really like the style of the ubuntu mate desktop environment.

After all, ubuntu mate is created by the community members in theirs spare time and provide it to public for free use. Thanks to them. So, insufficient of some professional function is acceptable and I think that only if more and more people come and use the ubuntu mate would promote the process of professional function development.

However I still hope the community developers could solve this issue quickly.

Thanks to community for the contribution, again! :slight_smile:

I'm still learning English, so maybe there's many grammatical errors in my reply.


Just throwing it out there that there are ways to configure a Wacom tablet on ubuntu mate through terminal applications: Scale your Wacom tablet to a single monitor

Thanks for starting this thread and drawing attention to an important aspect to make Ubuntu MATE more popular among graphic designers. @RSA91

I recently posted my problems with color management and the lack of settings in the control center. I don't know why there are no basic options for color-calibrating a screen.

I am also considering to get a Wacom tablet and I'd like to hear your current experiences in getting it to work in Ubuntu MATE. I recently tried elementary OS and they offer a Wacom tablet settings option in their control center, so this is something that you and Ubuntu MATE developers can look into. There are other reasons why I don't like to use elementary OS so for me to switch a distribution is not really an alternative. Ubuntu MATE is a very innovative project, so don't give up too soon and try to get more people on board.

The reason I like to use a tablet is to allow for automatic recognition of Chinese handwriting. This hopefully gives me an alternative to the limited Chinese language options available in Ubuntu MATE. Fcitx is not working properly. I'd also like to use a Wacom tablet for basic drawings and presentations.

Could we get a #tablet tag? @lah7 :raising_hand:

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Sure, that makes sense. There's been a few tablet discussions already.