Weather app with Air Quality Index (AQI) for Software Boutique?

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As far as I know the current Software Boutique does not contain any weather app. The Clock that is installed by default is limited to displaying temperature and wind speeds.

Does anyone know of a weather app or an app displaying the Air Quality Index (AQI)? I know there are a lot of apps for Android, many of which are not working very well. As I am trying to reduce my dependency on mobile phones, it would be great to have the current air quality readings pop up on my laptop screen. In case you are wondering why this is important: I am living in Shanghai. This may also be extremely important for people living in India where air pollution readings are often way beyond index. Does anyone know of a good program? Which weather apps do you generally use?

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Does this fit the bill?:

I have never used it so I have no idea how good it is?. :smiley:

As I stated before. Not every application is for the Software Boutique. The Software Boutique should be a place for a select number of applications and games for which we know to be working and integrating good with Ubuntu MATE.

I believe applications like WeeWX is for a select few and not for the greater community. So you question should not be “Is program X for the Software Boutique?” But “Does anyone know an application where I can see the Air Quality?”. If an application is wanted/needed by more than only you, then we could ask to add it to the Software Boutique.

I advice you to install Ubuntu Software or Synaptic through the Software Boutique. It contains a lot of applications in addition to the Software Boutique.