Weird Scrolling Artifacts

Hello everyone!
I have this bug on two machines with Ubuntu Mate. It is hard to explain, which explains why I couldn't find anything about it on Google. Here is the bug with the (awesome) Welcome application, but it appears in multiple apps. (e.g. Rythmbox)

Short Video:

Does anybody know a fix for this?


it might be related to your graphics card drivers, do you have any installed on your PC’s?:

Have you done a full system update?:

Thanks for the answer.
I tried both the proprietary and the open source nvidia drivers and I’m pretty certain they were the right version (nvidia-304 and nvidia-340 for a GTX 660). The system is also up to date.

Hmm, that “overflow” animation when it reaches the end of scrolling seems to just be a white box. I bet it’s due to that theme (forgot the name!).

Please try a different theme to check. :slight_smile:

I’m no GTK or theme expert, but it should be possible somewhere to copy over the missing graphic from another theme - like Ambiant-MATE… but I’m not sure where! :thinking:

The theming was the issue, thanks! I was using the Yuyo-Dark theme and I guess that animation is not properly implemented. Now to look for a fix :smiley:
Sadly the problem is still present, if the window is unfocused.
To fix that you have to change

.undershoot {
    background: none;

to {
    background: none;

.undershoot.bottom {
    background: none;

.undershoot.left {
    background: none;

.undershoot.right {
    background: none;