Welcome: Rename "de" files to "de_DE"?

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Hi @lah7,

should I rename the individual “Welcome” German language files in the folders for each section using “de_DE”?, currently the files are named “de” but if I upload them; I have a hunch that they won’t (might not) be picked up on the Bitbucket server?. :smiley:

Please do. :thumbsup: The framework currently works with country locales (de_DE), as opposed to a generic one (de)… As I’ve been told and tested, Welcome doesn’t check generic locales right now.

It does mean that other German speaking regions around the world fallback to English, since German may have differences and require an alternate translation. That might be addressed later, so we may can always change de_DE back to de for maximum reach to German speakers. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about BitBucket, whatever you have stored locally, commit and push is exactly the same in your online copy of the repository. Whatever is saved on BitBucket makes no difference to the operations of your local copy of Welcome. :wink:

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Alrighty then Luke, wilco!. :smiley:

Just to point out to you, Swiss and Austrian German are really only different in the way the people speak, oddly enough, when a Swiss program runs on German TV, they have German subtitles because of the way Swiss German is spoken!. :smiley: (I find that quite amusing myself!).

The German I have used in the translation equates to Oxford English!. :smiley:


Woah nice ! Mine (French) is kind of “strict” but not all the wording is of a high caliber :smile:

I learnt a bit of German at school, incidentally it was called Hochdeutsch as well. Though I forgot a lot of it :frowning:

I kann nicht mehr Deutsch sprechen. Ich habe alles vergessen.

I’m currently slowly learning Finnish (started a few months ago) for fun (read pain :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Hyvää päivää ! (means good day)

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Just an update: Welcome now checks for language codes if no translation for the language + country locale exists.

So, if you say German is written the same, de would work for all German regions, otherwise de_DE will be shown on computers set to German + Germany. (Sorry to be inconvenient if you intend switching it back! :confounded:)

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Not a problem Luke, shall I switch them back if it makes things easier for all German speaking nations?, it will only take a couple of mins!. :smiley:

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The deed is done!. :smiley: