What are you currently listening to?

As the name infers, what are you listening to while perusing the interwebs?

I am currently listening to Gary Clark Jr’s live album. Killer live album if your a blues/blues rock fan.

Sesame Street, cuz that’s what my kiddos are watching.

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Again (Live in Paris Zenith) - Archive


I don’t like opera and I have no idea what he is singing about.

But it’s beautiful.



Yeah, I listened to that. It’s excellent.

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Linux Luddites Podcast no.26 introduced me to Ubuntu MATE …

At the moment: Poulenc: Concerto for organ, timpani and strings in G minor

This is going to sound like a shameless self plug but I listen to my radio station.
You have to push the play button to start the stream.

If you use Radio Tray then use this url.

BTW I just gave the site, Facebook and G+ community a makeover. Plus added Twitter account for it. How does it look?

Right now Nirvana - In Utero on cassette using my TEAC cassette player


The Avengers radio show from South Africa - 1970s

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks : Wig Out at Jag Bags

ATM Trance FM > http://www.trance.fm/#/home.html

The Best of Kansas - Also on cassette haha

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:ok_hand: for cassette


Bob Dylan - Tombstone Blues

Earth, Wind, And Fire - September

Me :confused:

Note to self: Get better mic.

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Well me its,

I find her amazingly talented and its relaxing!

Because I’m down with the kids - http://www.4music.com/videos/years-years-king