What web browser do you use?

This topic was addressed in another thread, but the question came up during the discussion, so not everyone noticed. So I would like to ask again which web browser you use on Ubuntu Mate and why?

Stock Firefox. I like FF for the configure ability with addons/extensions.

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Brave, for me a good balance between privacy, security and ease of use

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Firefox tar 101.01.1 with YT downloader.

Waterfox, no telemetry.

Am using both Fire Fox & Google Chrome, but prefer more Fire Fox for more customization and used to it.

Firefox tar, Firefox global Menu , Gnome web and links2 -g and chromium sometimes. No snap please.

qutebrowser or Firefox when I have to.

I use the Brave browser

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Just switched to Firefox (snap) on my UM 22.04.1 LTS - I am pleased with the speed as well, just as fast to load as the .deb. Happy to be done with Chrome.

As always i use firefox.
I use firefox since it was still called firebird when i was still on the new windows xp.