What's your most important bugfix or new feature for 20.04?

Here's one I haven't seen in this topic:

A way to see wireless or bluetooth peripherals like keyboards, gamepads and headphones battery percentage.


Calendar week numbers please

Hello everyone

Just the other day I noticed that the ability to display calendar week numbers seems to have been removed from the month calendar in the right hand section of the top panel of the "traditional" desktop setting.

As a work-around I installed "orage" (from the Xfce desktop) via the Synaptic package manager. :penguin: :slightly_smiling_face:

Am I right, has this feature been removed from the mate desktop? Or did I miss something?

I am using Ubuntu-Mate 19.10 on the computer that no longer shows week numbers.

It can be enabled with the dconf editor, but it it's not enabled by default

Are you using 19.04? I have 18.04 and the week numbers are listed on the left side of the calendar. There is a setting under preferences for week numbers. I do agree this feature should not be removed.

Hello jaybo

My standard computer (daily driver) runs 18.04 and has week numbers of course. Thank you for reminding me to say which release I was referring to (the one without the week numbers). :slightly_smiling_face:

    1. and 3.

Brisk overlay menu (the one Mutiny uses that mimics the Unity/Gnome shell) needs to be made aware of when OnBoard keyboard is in use and take a -1 position below Onboard.

This is preventing me from using Brisk in tablet form factors.


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I have one more
> to not randomly freeze up on my laptop, 19.10 does it at least once a day and it has to be force restarted, I've never had problems like this with any other piece of hardware I own, but this is quite annoying.

I like everything with Ubuntu MATE. There are several minor bugs that I have on GPD Pocket 2 but I am not sure if any one besides me has them.

Just keep it lightweight as it is right now or even lighter. Sometimes less is more.

+1 which version of provided apps in boutique would lovely!

I hope that COMPTON is still there in 20.04! (in 19.10 it's not!) - Compton works best for games!

The zoom feature from Compiz.

To clarify:-
Hover the mouse over where you would like to centre the zoom
Hold down a key or similar
scroll mousewheel to zoom entire screen in
scroll in opposite direction to zoom entire screen out.

The simplest way I can think of from a users point of view.

No opening a separate application,
No having a separate magnified window or part of your screen area showing the magnified area.

Pretty Please.

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Please make the multi-user environment more friendly to new users. Specifically, there is a lack of basic design missing where the user names appear. In an apparent effort to look slick(??), there is only a background color on the active user selected. If you look at the screen for another username, it is white lettering on top of EXTREMELY light colored greens and into white itself. In other words, they are unreadable. You have the super-friendly "Welcome" screen at startup, but it is not welcoming getting there for some people!

I have previously mentioned a problem with the focus that I haven't checked if it was addressed (the computer my mother uses I switched to Xubuntu for login-clarity). There were times you could not put in your password until you clicked on the previous users name, which somehow brought focus to the area and then you could log in at your username. Please check multi-user logins work and that they are readable. Thank you.

Something else they should fix after my years of using it; make MATE menu use x-terminal-emulator by default rather than forcing users to fix that if they want to use their terminal of preference. Or better yet, the default defined in Preferred Applications. Making everything in the MATE interface agree on a single binary is a pain in the ass.


I remembered a problem with HPLIP

Really it is not our bug, but HPLIP is listed in Ubuntu MATE Welcome (Software Boutique). The upcoming UM 20.04 LTS is still affected.

Paul you could bind Magnus to a key and have it open via that. Or better yet since 19.10 doesn't have any trace of Compiz in it, use the 0.9 branch by installing compiz from Ubuntu's repos or follow my instructions here for a comprehensive of installing the old branch maintained by Scott Moreau.

Either way, you can select Compiz from mate-tweak once installed, or if you are uncertain of its stability add in an autostart command to execute compiz --replace and if things get a bit pear-shaped you can delete the autostart entry from $USER/home/.config/autostart:warning: to use once more the preference defined via mate-tweak.

:warning: $USER/home can also be called with $HOME, or ~. For some commands, using shorthand respected by your shell in x-terminal-emulator elsewhere may not work as expected.

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Installed 0.8, works like a charm, thanks!

At the very top of my list would be fixing the SANE Genesys backend issue (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sane-backends/+bug/1731459) properly by including the official SANE 1.0.29 release instead of the outdated and broken experimental 1.0.27 mess.

EDIT: 1.0.29 is now in the 20.04 repos. :slight_smile:

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