When compiz is enabled desktop not working

i’ve just installed ubuntu mate 16.04, but when compiz is enabled after a while i am not able to click the icons on the desktop and right click also on desktop, the opened windows are not working too, they are not get active when i click on them i must select them first from the panel.

i’ve update caja to 1.14.2 and i use nvidia binary “proprietary tested” i’ve swtiched to many drivers like nvidia legacy and x.org too… without any luck…
if anyone can help i appreciate it…
thanks in advance!

Hi @gigsakos,

I had a lot trouble under compiz as well, like unclickable windows, unresponsive desktop and panels disappearing or appearing on the wrong side. That’s a pitty as it is the only compositor which kills my tearing (optimus user) entirely. However compton seems to be working (kills tearing as well) in UM 16.10, so maybe a fix is coming to UM 16.04.
You could set the window manager in mate tweak to ‘marco no composition’ and add compton manually to the autostart applications. Mate works much better with Compton due to my experience.

I have experienced the same problems with Compiz on UM 16.04.(1).
My solution was to switch to Marco (Compton). Then screensaver wasn’t working.
I had no luck with UM 16.04. Life can be like that.
If someone knows solutions then maybe you can help OP.
I have AMD. gigsakos has Nvidia so it doesn’t seem to be a driver problem.

Hi @gigsakos,

I also have an Nvidia GPU and have found that it runs much better without the added drivers and using Marco!. :smiley:

One thing I can suggest is if you’ve turned on some compiz features or tweaked some settings, reset compiz with the button provided in Mate Tweak and see if that helps.

I’ve been running compiz, I think since Ubuntu 8.04. Always nVidia hardware and proprietary drivers, too. It’s never ever been flawlessly stable.

I’ll bet something like a particular app or event like a screen saver starts it off. For example, with Mate 1.14 on UM 16.04 I see a definite interaction with the Software Updater notify screen and compiz: Strange Mode Starts With Software Updater


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