When will MATE on Wayland come out?

How's the development of MATE on Wayland going?

@wmww should be able to tell you that since he is the primary driving force behind the Wayland support right now.

Pinging @wmww...


it can be partially run, but from what I've seen there's still a lot left to do especially with caja

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You might be interested in the previous discussion of this matter. Or maybe the Snap package that exists. Just bear in mind the last time it was used the user had a real time of things....


I did some work porting the panel and notifications to Wayland, but haven't touched it much recently. If the snap is working at all currently, it's just a proof of concept and not fit for daily use. As far as I know no one is putting significant effort into to the port, and it's not going to happen until someone does (that person almost certainly wont be me).


IMHO until Wayland supports NVIDIA drivers and CUDA its not worth the effort of porting to it.

I had some very bad initial experiences with Ubuntu 20.04 and tried Manjero, and all the issues just weren't there, but Manjero was on Wayland and thus no NVIDIA drivers or CUDA so when it came time to install the rest of what I needed, Manjero would not work.

Eventually 20.04 updates fixed enough of the issues that I'm actually now using it on my laptop and some IOT systems.

Look that the first versions of NVIDIA drivers have already started to support wayland

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I certainly will revisit this when 22.04 is released.

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G'day. Bit of a thread mine, but I noticed here:

That Wayland is now about to come to 22.04 LTS for those of us with Nvidia cards and drivers.

Does that mean MATE will be also on Wayland?


No, main Ubuntu can use Wayland just fine while we still use X11, when it says that Ubuntu will use, that is just referring to what Ubuntu proper will use, which has little bearing on the flavours will use unless they were to remove x11 from their repositories, which is extremely unlikely right now as that article indicates that it will depend on what hardware you have whether you get x11 or Wayland even on Ubuntu proper

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I hear that fractional per-monitor scaling depends on the transition to Wayland. All over the forums I read that people are leaving Mate in droves for lack of proper HiDPI support. I am in the market for a new laptop, and realized that no low resolution (1366x768) 14" laptops are available any more. For higher resolutions, I need to scale 1.5x. I also have an external monitor at home, 1920x1080 27". Fractional per-monitor scaling is the only thing that is preventing me from using Mate.

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Just set the global font size to 1,5 and you are good to go :slight_smile:

Doesn't do anything, it's just fonts not images, menus etc., and not per monitor. Just read all the forums on the internet people want to use Mate, but are forced to leave for lack of HiDPI support. The minimum requirement for me and apparently for many others would be fractional scaling per monitor as I want to switch between laptop and desktop, and at least the GTK standard applications included with Mate obeying the per-monitor scaling information ("dpi-aware") i.e. without gigantic CPU usage and blurriness from re-scaling. I hear that Ubuntu Gnome can do that more or less at this point. Not so Mate, and sadly I see no development effort in this direction. Maybe all contributors work at their desk day and night and/or are young enough to be able to read tiny fonts on 4k laptop screens. B.t.w. I hear that Mate has only a few developers, and I don't blame anybody. I just did a market research looked at all distros, I hate the path that Gnome is going, I like Mate the best were it not for the missing HiDPI support. Actually I fell instantly in love with the look and feel and the design philosophy of Mate. Would love to install it.

I really hope the Mir based experimental Wayland session is just a proof of concept.
I think the most practical approach to a Mate Wayland session either now or in the future, is simply basing it on top of upstream Mutter, which is the most mature Wayland compositor. Much more than any other Wayland compositor and will probably remain so at least in the near future.
I don't understand what advantages does Mir give over Mutter for a Mate Wayland session.

Whether mutter is most mature is perhaps debatable- wlroots (originally of the sway project) has been accepted by the FreeDesktop folks as the "default" lightweight compositor. In my experience, it's much more performant than Mutter and seems to have better support for multiple GPUs (important for my use case as I use a thunderbolt GPU dock on a daily basis).