When will this window decoration bug be fixed?

Hi, I had recently left Ubuntu MATE for XFCE because of a few issues with this desktop. I recently noticed that this 19.10 update is for fixing paper cuts and some of my issues have been fixed! However here is one that really kicked me away from MATE:

Whenever I close a window that saves its dimensions in maximized mode that has client-side decorations, dummy decorations are created (see image). I am not sure if this is a Marco or a gtk-window-decorator problem, but this surely is something that I would consider a paper cut. I have tested this on my laptop (used to run 18.04) and in a VM on my desktop computer. My question is, what causes this and will it be fixed anytime soon?

Thanks for reading this, I know this community is really good as this was my first distro!

@CheeseEBoi - do you happen to have a package installed called libgtk3-nocsd0 or gtk3-nocsd? I've tested that out in the past to remove client-side decoration from windows, and it works mostly well, but every now and then I find a window that does that... I don't use the package any more, and I haven't seen this issue since.

Nope, I have no such package installed.