Where is install HELP for Newbies?

I want to install (NOT upgrade) the latest Ubuntu.

Instructions are:

If you want to make a bootable USB using Windows we recommend:

  • ➞ Etcher to write the image to a USB drive.

Are there real instructions (I DID LOOK!!!) on how to set up a bootable Ubuntu installer on a USB/RAM/Thumb/-stick/drive/card (whatever they are called this week) that will install Ubuntu?

Bad link guys? It's NOT for "USB" it's for a "SD" as stated on their site.

Is Etcher really just another 'Power ISO'? Can I use Power ISO to burn/etch/copy/write/flash to a USB?
Etcher says "an SD card flasher app" I assume they mean program/software/application/script but is says "SD card" NOT USB as stated in the Ubuntu link.
Do I need to buy a SD capable ltop so I can buy Etchers etcher so I can install via SD instead of USB?

This is my last attempt to get Ubuntu installed and working. The last one forgot my password (I did NOT - Ubu forgot it.) so I'll wipe the drive, and re-install but it's different now as Instructions have been passed to Etcher... and they ain't talking Ubu.

This shouldn't be so hard. The only real alternative and hope for a O/S that doesn't control the user, and installing is so complex and convoluted that I know many run from it - and I'm ready to put my Nike on.


This is a screenshot of the windows version of etcher.

First choose your distro iso, then select your target (if you don't have a valid USB or SD card device plugged in, it will tell you to connect a drive), then click flash.

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This is what the link you posted says on the front page: Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.

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Thanks being here to correct mistakes .

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Many thanks @ MusicalCoder
...because I read Etchers anti Privacy Policy.

OK. I gather there isn't any.
Thanks anyway.

Not sure exactly what help you need. This is straight from the Wiki.


As an amateur with 10 years of experience installing Ubuntu, maybe I can help...first off, screw the wiki...
download UNetbootin here: https://unetbootin.github.io/
download the architecture of Ubuntu MATE you need here: https://ubuntu-mate.org/download/
install UNetbootin to your system and fire it up AFTER plugging in a blank USB flash drive
ignore the ISOs up top in the Distribution section which is selected by default, and go to the bottom of the window and select Diskimage, find the ISO you just downloaded and select it, choose the USB flashdrive you just plugged in (it should find it automatically) , and click OK...it'll tell you when it's done installing the ISO onto the flashdrive.
After that just boot up on the flashdrive and follow the directions, this is intuitive, I don't have all this up in front of me so I can't say exactly what to do but it's fairly easy.
You can also just burn the ISO to DVD and install from that if the system you're installing to is too old to support USB bootability...use the slowest possible burn speed when burning to DVD.
I've taught people to install and use UM over the telephone, there is virtually no learning curve to it, the biggest problem people have with Linux is their basic aversion to learning something new and the preconception that it has to be difficult, it's not, until you decide to do stuff from the command line, then you just learn as you go.

I hope this helps, I was scared the first time I tried it too, back in 2009...

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Thank you @psfal

The Wiki helped me understand it better. Your info also helped get it installed. No blips or stupid referrals to that "Administrator" Microsoft wants all to carry around :slight_smile:

I've posted a new issue - why not - unrelated to the install.

Many thanks and BTW, I'm not scared.

If I may prattle on with a opinion, my ire is irked. I truly believe the worlds needs rescuing from Windows and Linux, for now, seems the only hope of de-assimilating those attached to the Microsoft leash. But Linux is very complex, compared to Windows, and no offense, but a lot of the 'help' assumes one has a lot of knowledge of Linux. It takes a lot of reading, deciphering the terminology, and frankly, overwhelmingly time consuming.
Oddly enough, it is easier to hide from the tax man that to un-gaff from Microsoft.

Damn - now I'm going to be audited again!



Thanks @ franksmcb

I had trundled through it earlier, but was overwhelmed by all the stuff I already know, and more that one doesn't need to know. To be clear, I know how to burn a DVD/USB. Don't have Win8, and 3 links result in 404.

Bad links:

But the rest, a LOT of it, is somewhat helpful in my case. I would just like to get it, or anything except Windows installed, and move on without Microsoft. I'm not sure I have the time to devote to such a learning curve. I have 15 more days to accomplish a good install, get each comp talking to each other, some sense of anonymity - and get on with life. If I fail, and it will be me, not anyone else, then the HDDs come out, destroy, and sell the comps for parts. And I am not a prisoner, as the saying goes, so don't have a cell. Nor want one.
In effect, I'll go 'off the grid' as they say.

My Internet costs me $120.00/Mo. To pay my normal bills by mail would cost me $25.00 ($5.00/Mo penalty if paying by mail) less Internet bill, $20.00/Mo so I'll save $100.00 per month! More saving when I don't have to pay another $100.00/Yr for anti-virus, $90.00/Yr for Word/Office, a goodly amount saved on hydro, and meds :slight_smile: plus all the coin spent on updating some 'wares plus I save the cost of a new computer needed to use the new Windows - just so corporations and their pillow-partner government can keep an eye on me.

There, I think I've talked myself into it again.

Thanks again