Where is Ubuntu mate 22.04 for rpi?

Where Is the support for the raspberry pi? I mean the jammy jelifish 22.04.

If you read the Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS release ntoes you'll read

Raspberry Pi image :pie:

  • Should be available very shortly after the release of 22.04.

The team will have it out as soon as possible.

As always, if more people step up & help with the project, the ports maybe out faster.


How can i help? Is there any posible way i can Speedo up the process? (Will donate help?)

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I'm sorry I can't provide any specifics on where to help.

You'll have to wait for others who are involved with armhf/arm64 as I'm only involved with amd64.

Asking or just watching on Discord may be beneficial, or waiting here for others to read your question & willingness to step up and help (always wanted!) :slight_smile: and you may get some offers.

(I just note a TerminalGeek on Discord; so that link suggest is likely already known. It's almost certain takov751 knows more than I do with regards the pi ports)

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Day 31 of waiting for it..

you can install 21.10 and then let it upgrade automatically

Maybe of interest...

This is the final test of Ubuntu MATE 22.04 :maté: on the Raspberry Pi :pie: I give an overview of the build script :building_construction: which I then release as open source for the first time :tada: Some great Q&A with Raspberry Pi experts and Linux enthusiasts :penguin: during this stream. Grab a cuppa and join us! :teapot:

Here is you answer: Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS for Raspberry Pi is out now 💥