Which compositor are you currently using?

As a matter of fact, to get a suitable system running (specially if you are using GPU Nvidia / AMD) As far as i know, compositor will be just useful and must be adapted to your needs.

MATE Tweak offer us to choose between Marco - Marco + Compton and Compiz ( lives for ever !)

I have to admit that i do enjoy using compiz (even on unity which is the default compositor i guess).
But those days i am trying Marco + Compton and i shall say … It is fine and stable too.
Ok, i don’t have hot corners to quickly show desktops or exposed windows … Maybe i’ll miss it.
But it is free resources !
It is simple and efficient !
It is as sober as … a Giotto painting !
It is old good style … (I use new stuff such Muffin in Gnome3 , Kwin, Compiz in Unity)
Test of retrospective future …

Anyway, what is fine to you ? Which compositor are you running and why did you made this choice ?

Enjoy your day … :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m using Compton too. I don’t care for the Eye-candy Compiz provides and I have experienced some stability issues when using Compiz.

Same here: Marco + Compton.

Marco plus a specialized version of Compton in oder to get advanced transparencies and shadow effects

May i ask you how do you manage to get those settings ? :blush:

@bksubhuti made a tutorial on that topic:


It’s pleasing that linux has come so far that discussions have come round to what is prettier.

I’m just using marco, i think that’s the least-fancy default. I don’t care about shadows and fadeouts as much as i care about what’s presented after the blitting is over and i get to do something. :wink:

Compiz all the way for one big like: Enhanced Zoom Desktop

I’d give up the rest of compiz if there was anything comparable for my aging eyes. I do enable the cube but turn off most other extra effects. Perhaps this prevents a lot of instability others see.

EDIT: Ok, I found some other reasons. The panel weather applet got broken somewhere along the way and does not remember its window size. No problem with compiz with what it calls “Windows Rules”. I would really hate changing window size every time I look at weather!

I use Compiz too. Not just for eye candy, but for it’s functionally and behaviour too… like middle clicking the edges to change workspaces. Plus it’s vast amount of customisation, to a point it never crashes on me anymore. :slight_smile:

A pity that I heard Compiz won’t be ported to Wayland, the future display server (replacing the ageing Xorg).

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Wish we had a thread for compiz configurations, I like to try out others.

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Yeah, that’s about as bad as it gets for me. :anguished: Arguably, compiz has never been that stable but on 16.04 it’s as good as any from the past.

@anon42388993, great idea!


Please see here:

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Compiz reloaded , compton , no compositing . Use most the last one :smiley:

Standard compositor i have only standard intel graphic so gl not really goood

Openbox…always Openbox for me, in combination with Mate, of course.

Got a blog post on how to do it here, if anyone is interested.

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I don’t think that openbox has a built in compositor .

I use compiz, I like as with transparencies, some functions are unstable and did not use, but I have many other very good functions, in Windows Animation, Dimm inactive, Gelatinous windows, cube desktop, etc .... this makes Ubuntu MATE more elegant visually , Ubuntu 16.04 and desktop 1.16.

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Don’t you have any crashes ?
On thing i couldn’t figure out was, well actually two :
When minimize all windows, some appear once before to get minimize - makes 2 clicks to get to the desktop …
Setting hot corner to expose windows, cannot exhibit all windows, just unminimized …
Those things … arggh … annoying. But in my case Compiz was the best way to avoid Tearing … Compton does quite well also.

Hello, Tristan_Villers, Sorry, I do not have the hot corners activated, minimizing I have no problems at the moment, minimizing I have activated magic lamp and time 600, it is true that if you put some function others work wrongly,