Why do I not get a notification / request to upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04?

Hi guys,

I support several people with Ubuntu Mate. Upgrading was never an issue. But with 22.04 I do not get any notifications to upgrade to this new LTS version from 20.04. What is going on? sudo apt dist-upgrade does not work either.

I did a fresh install before, but there were so many bugs after restoring the backup, I went back to 20.04: random crashes, restarts, no welcome no software boutique... really bad.

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Upgrades are not shown until august, which is when 22.04.1 appears. Even then, it may go under a round of more serious testing to make sure the upgrade is flawless.

If you want to immediately force the upgrade, type in update-manager -d


AAAH thanks a lot! So the bugs I experienced are not exeptional. I will wait for the stable edition. I do not want friends and family to be stuck with a buggy system. Thanks again for the clarification.


@Basil_Cat has already answered; I'll provide more confirmation

Announcements on the release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS state

Users of Ubuntu 21.10 will soon be offered an automatic upgrade to 22.04. Users of 20.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 22.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for the 4th of August. For further information about upgrading, see: ..

The Ubuntu Release team control when its seen for installed systems, with it being the same for main Ubuntu and all flavors like Ubuntu-MATE.

You should have one now, now that the 22.04.01 isout

Don't think it is out yet, they had an issue.


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weird, my neofetch is stamped 22.04.01

Guess there was a quick fix for the issue they were having that was delaying the release mendtioned. On 22.04 and just now checked for updates and not showing here yet. Who knows. Sorry.

Installed systems upgraded to say 22.04.1 when the RC (release candidate) was reached, so the ISOs being QA-tested have the correct image. That was reached by Monday before Thursday 4th August 2022. Also note I'm also only referring to the version number; the last expected change in 22.04.1 (barring QA-detected bugs of course); the important changes all rolled out before that.