Why do you use Linux? And why did you choose Ubuntu MATE?



I would agree with your comments but I think that the 3TB monster might be on its way out. Have you run a smart test on it? It would be unfortunate for it to fail just when you have become convinced of GNU/Linux’s merits.
smartctl is the cmdline invocation but there is a gui for it, found on partedmagic, the old disks are free to download.



lol every once in a while i bring up haiku does that count? :wink:


Raspbian doesn’t support Japanese … So I choise Ubuntu Mate


Basically, I’m cheap and it works. I can also both get stuff done and play around with it.

It reminds me of the good old days when the Commodore 64 first came out. There’s a great online community and even a local user’s group. Plus lots of shareware and tutorials.


Dear Ubuntu Mate Community,
I’m a Linux user for a rather long time, since 2010 and have used quiet a lot of Linux Distributions.
Since beginning 2016 I did use Xubuntu, but lately beginning of January 2018 I switched towards Ubuntu Mate 17.10.
You did an awesome job, Ubuntu Mate with the possibility to switch panel layouts (from the Mate Tweak) is just amazing !
I’m very happy with this distro AND for the Ubuntu Mate Dev team, keep on going with this great, wonderful job you’ve done !
Greetings from a happy Ubuntu Mate 17.10 user


Ive always been a windows user and pre windows ( Dos 3 back in the day). I had always used open source software when I could ( because I’m cheap).
Always had only one computer at a time, and only upgraded when it either broke or got too old to really function.
I started with Linux 2 yrs ago when I got an old machine form a family member that was running Vista. I had a window 7 machine at the time.
(N.B. We still have a machine runing windows 10 (- Ug!) because my son what s to lay games on it that are not available in Linux. )
So after looking around a watched a few youtube reviews I first tried Ubuntu 16.04, but it had a few issues and then tried Ubuntu MATE as it used less resources. This worked great for me! I stuck with the traditional menu as I want something simple that doesn’t get in my way with too much clutter.
Since then Ive got several other older machines that other were going to throw away. Ive put MATE on them, being playing around getting with them,.
Now that Ive discovered all this software for editing photographs (Dark table in particular). I’m, very happy with it.


easy there, tiger…!


Just to set the context, I’m an IT graduate with a job as a Systems Engineer. Whether I like it or not, I’m bound to cross paths with Linux and by god do I not regret every moment of it. I’d even say its the best thing and the most fun that ever happened in my (really really short) “professional” working life.

Why I use Linux:

(The boring reasons)

  • Learned basic stuff in university and wanted to apply it.
  • Part of the job.
  • Starting to dislike Windows (and Microsoft in general) and I can’t be ask to by “Apple Products”.

(The fun reasons)

  • Learning a “new” OS to widen my skill set.
  • I can pretend to have superiority over non-IT people since a lot of them are like “Linux :(”.
  • I find Linux to be more straightforward and interesting. (despite it having a lot of technical stuff that are still beyond my comprehension)
  • Linux is really interesting to me.
  • I want to make Linux the OS of the house in the near future.
  • I’m curious about the state of Linux gaming (I’ve always used a Windows OS or my PS4 to play games).
  • I’m actually more productive when I use Linux (might sound subjective but for me it’s true).
  • I find my workflow in learning game development to be better and faster than in Windows (again, might be a subjective thing).
  • CLI is better than Windows (I have a weird affinity for CLI - I blame my CCNA courses).
  • Root/Admin actually works and doesn’t feel superficial.

Why did I choose Ubuntu MATE:
(The university-related answers - mostly about using Ubuntu:)

  • I blame my university for teaching basic Linux with Ubuntu. I wanted a low barrier to entry so I chose Ubuntu.
  • I wasn’t aware of desktop environments at the time so when Ubuntu 16.04 made that leap (which I considered huge) from Unity to Gnome 3, it was another adapting period for me which I kinda felt iffy about.

(The fun answers:)

  • I was looking at distros at the time and I stumbled on the different DEs for Ubuntu. MATE immediately caught my attention.
  • It was a tie between Linux Mint and MATE. After lots of searching and deliberation, I deemed Linux Mint a bit bloaty and too much for me. Despite being a popular distro, I had a feeling that I might not stay with it after some time. On the other hand UM was something I was familiar with both as an Ubuntu OS and the DE just looked clean, nice, and awesome to me.
  • It has MATE Tweak.
  • Cupertino lets me fool people that I have a heavily modified MacOSX theme.
  • It runs so well!

EDIT; Tbh the only thing missing is for the manuals on how to create plugins for MATE apps to be easy to understand (I want to make plugins for Pluma but I’m having a hard time understanding the process on how to do it - it’s not really that straightforward).


Linux because:

  • Speed
  • It’s free
  • Privacy
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Workflow
  • Package manager
  • Good for programming
  • Theming & Customization -> Looks pretty good!
  • Does everything I need to do extremely good/fast/reliably


Linux because there are lots of Desktop Environments to try out and choose from. Windows and Mac Don’t have that!

Ubuntu Mate because it has most things a mouse and graphical application user needs. Except Natural/Reverse Scrolling.

There are no applications I want to use to force me back to Windows.
But some things on Linux are unnecessarily complicated for users, compared to Windows.


First sorry my english :slight_smile:

Lets try…

A long time ago i tried use Linux in my office but a lot of programs and sistems dont talk together to be usefull… Today, im reading a lot of blogs that afirm this problems solved and linux is more friendly.

Today, in home, im studyng curses online to my job (lawyer) and i have a notebook i3-4Gb RAM with 1Gb video onboard with W7 Starter that works fine, but this notebook’s wife and she not permit use for a long time :frowning:

Well, in my closet was my old desktop P4-1,5GB RAM with 256Mb video with W7 Starter and believe works but not works fine to my studies… To my freedom i readed about 32bits versions LINUX and i tried LUBUNTU. Surprise work so good, better than W7 in notebook’s wife.

After im so interest about LINUX than i reading all night notices about… and i discover UBUNTU MATE… first i upgraded my P4 to 4GB RAM and lets try again… another surprise… beautifull… friendly… and work so fine… ITS AMAZING!!!

One problem results after this… i stoped study online to my job and start learn linux… :smile:

Well, im happy with LINUX.

And most important… FREE!!!


I have used several Debian/Ubuntu based distributions and some how always come back to Ubuntu Mate. It may be that I have used it for longer periods of time but, It just works better for me in a lot of ways other or should I say, any other Linux distribution does. There is something about Ubuntu Mate that seems to be satisfying.


Why Linux?

Dissatisfaction with Windows 10 - I’ve posted this lengthy read before, but what it reports back as telemetry is alarming, and the creeping commercialism right up front in the user interface (suggested applications in the Start Menu, games installed and up front even in the Enterprise Edition, and many other intrusions) is offputting. Also, the broken update process (excessively complex and risky individual upgraders, and third-party applications are on their own) is evidently not going to be fixed any time soon, if ever.

Edit: Very much to the point short analysis of those issues.

The big positive for Linux is the separation of code and data. There is nothing like the Registry which blurs that distinction. So one can take ~, put it on an external drive and restore it to a vanilla build without omissions.

Also, some of the desktop environments are resolutely unfashionable, which generally means that they are more usable (see below).

Why Ubuntu MATE?

Because the GNOME 2 UI was developed by people who knew what they were doing and in accordance with best ergonomic and psychological practice. (I should know because, in another context, I managed one of them and they were outstanding at what they did).

Ubuntu MATE in particular because it offers an excellent “package” without rough edges. I can install it, run up a few installs from the Software Boutique, do some configuration using the Control Centre and MATE Tweak and have a configured system in 30 minutes.


I started using Ubuntu about a decade ago, but when the Unity desktop took over, I moved to Mint. Tried different desktops, but preferred Mate. Recently I came across Ubuntu Mate for the Raspberry Pi, and fell in love with its clean, attractive interface. Now I have UM on my desktop machine and my laptop; and unlike installing Windows everything works without the need to search for drivers.

I am am amateur photographer and have found no Linux software to rival Capture One, so, regrettably, I run Windows 7 in VirtualBox. However, I would dearly love to abandon Windows altogether and find good software for cataloguing my image files - Shotwell has never worked well for me, and in the past has been quite unstable. For processing raw files I have used RawTherapee, but have never managed to master it, and AfterShot Pro will not read my Ricoh files.

I wonder whether I can persuade my technophobic wife to adopt UM in place of Mint for her laptop.


I’ve started testing “Linux” and different DE about 2 years ago. I wanted to get rid of Windows, at least at home. As a Frontend Web Developer I cannot get rid of Windows at work (testing Web apps in a VM - for MS IE & Edge - is not really a good solution).

Ubuntu & Linux Mint (an Ubuntu derivate) were the only ones causing “no pain” with the hardware. No issues (except with “Hibernate” on notebooks). They are “user-friendly” for a Linux NOOB coming from 20+ years of Windows.

Linux Mint is “nice”, works as expected but… it is not up-to-date with the Ubuntu releases (no 16.10, 17.04, 17.10).

Ubuntu’s Unity (16.04) was a total NO GO for me. Sorry, I do not want to “search” for a program, I want to have it directly available… and the default “left toolbar” with “start” icons for the most used programs does not really fit my needs (I know there are tweaks on moving it to top or bottom, but it still isn’t what I was looking for).

Kubuntu… too much for me.

Xubuntu was my choice for about two weeks until I discovered Ubuntu MATE.

Ubuntu MATE is working as expected from the first time I’ve logged in, versatile, configurable, friendly, everything was there where I expected it to be, all programs for a day-to-day use are pre-installed, Software Boutique was and is SO MUCH APPRECIATED, updates can be done easily, etc.

IT WORKS FOR ME AS I EXPECT IT and this is it ! And the community here is one of the best I’ve seen on the Internet :smile:

My wish for future releases… an unproblematic OS upgrade… have re-installed the OS with every new version 16.10, 17.04, 17.10 because of the (minor / major ?) issues I’ve encountered after an “inline” OS upgrade.

Thank you all for this great work :sweat_smile:


Cupertino layout, baby! It works just like I expect it to, only it keeps getting better! I complain here that some things aren’t loading from the Boutique, but I can hardly say that’s MATE’s fault. My own fault if nobody keeps maintaining old hardware. Apple certainly didn’t last as long as Linux has.

I tried Xubuntu on my i386 macbook for about 4 months, trying hard to make it like Snow Leopard. You’ve already got it covered, MATE :slight_smile:


Okay, so I have been whining and complaining a bit here, because I expect Linux to be head and shoulders above Windows in speed and stability, and I have been a little disappointed that it has slipped quite a bit since my last extended experience with desktop Linux. But something happened a few days ago that reminded me why I became a fan of Tux . Here is the story.

I spilled water and killed my main system, a ThinkPad W510 running 17.1. I switched to a secondary ThinkPad and started stripping the parts from the W510 for Ebay. I stuck the SSD in a USB enclosure thinking I would use the live CD to backup my home folder before installing into a ThinkPad T440—“For parts, not working”— which I had picked up from Ebay cheaply. It had 2 dead drives inside, an M2.SSD and a regular HD.

Anyway, I plugged the USB enclosed SSD into the T440 and powered it up, hoping to run some sort of system repair via the Grub advanced options, etc. but really expecting to meet a kernel panic or some such thing. Eureka! It went to the USB, and… drum roll… booted up right into my 17.1 desktop! How freakin marvelous is that, huh? I had thought the hardware jump from i7 1st gen. to i7 4th gen. would be quite a leap, but nope, Mr. Tuxedo just breezed through like a skate on Arctic ice. VERY impressive, sir, congratulations!

Hey, 17.1 is doing the job for me. I have done a fair bit of tinkering, and I still have to use the CLI daily for routine things, like mounting Samba shares. Caja still sucks. Firefox sucks. I have to ‘workaround’ a few things. But, on the whole 17.1 is now just good enough that I can live with it as a daily driver. I am going to image this drive and save it before I run the 18.04 upgrade—if anything breaks, I’m going right back. I don’t want to waste hours and hours tinkering and customizing and working around a fresh install.

So, please test the 18.04 upgrade script thoroughly. I want it to take over from my 17.1 without breaking anything, while keeping all my desktop customizations, like the 2 panels on my 2 monitors. Thank you!


I use linux because i was fed up with windows forced updates.
use MATE because i hate gnome shell which is now standard in ubuntu, i like pantheon but dont like lack of customization in eOS so basically in MATE i use pantheon with custom icons and themes…its perfect.


A family member uses a windows laptop periodically for a programming class. I swear every single time it gets turned on to use, the bloody thing hijacks the system mid project and seemingly shuts down/freezes without any warning.

Unrelated, how to get Lego to port their EV3 software to Ubuntu/Linux? I’ve tried it in WINE/Playonlinux without any success.


I’m a software guy, I like learning new software, recently my thing has been using VirtualBox to try out as many other distros as possible. I found that MATE is the desktop I like most and there are two “gold standard” implementations, Arch and Ubuntu MATE. They both are mostly what I would call “vanilla” MATE, other distros add too much other stuff. MATE Desktop has minimal bloatware and seems just right.