Why is UEFI + MBR recommended in this partition guide?

Hi. Unless I am mistaken user @wolfman seems to recommend using UEFI + MBR when partitioning your SSD for Ubuntu Mate
See Part 4

1 Shouldn’t you ALWAYS use GPT with UEFI?

2 And if using GPT should the partition flag for the UEFI boot partition or EST be simply ‘boot’?

3 For an SSD shouldn’t your SWAP partition be last, or does it matter?

4 And lastly, I have a 2 SSD UEFI setup, with each SSD dedicated to a different OS. The Windows SSD already has a EST.
Should my Linux SSD also have an EST, or does it matter?

Hi @art3mis,.

please read the links placed within with the guide:


For UEFI and MBR:

It doesn’t really matter where Swap is placed on a drive to the best of my knowledge!.

I don’t have any SSD drives so cannot comment there!.

See the following links:



The guide is basically showing people roughly what/how their set-up should look like, I don’t have a PC that requires GPT partitioning or an SSD installed!. :smiley:

I have included many links in the guide so people just need to find the time to read through them if there is something they don’t understand, they can of course post a question on the forum too. :smiley:

Thanks wolfman. Your guides were a huge help.

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Hi @art3mis,

I am glad it helped, I will mark this as solved and if you have any further problems related to partitioning, please start a new thread. :smiley:

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