Why was the welcome center dropped?

Why was the welcome center retired? I'm just curious to know why.



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I loved that welcome Screen and it saved me a lot of work installing stuff. I've had to write all the software to install programs on a piece of paper.
Is it too difficult to leave it running? I think it was the flagship of Mate


It's not good that they don't have the welcome center anymore. It's still there on linux mint-21.2-cinnamon and I use it often.

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there is still the welcome center. But it's called "Ubuntu-Mate"

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The welcome centre was handy when you were actually installing the distro but it was most often encountered at the start of live disk sessions, when it held things up.

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This. And it would always pop up at the worst possible moment. I have cursed it countless times.

I didn't like it or use it, but it was pretty easy to shut off, one check mark.