Wifi state is not remembered

I am a novice at Linux. This is my first installation of Ubuntu MATE. If you have advice, or an answer to my question, please give a full explanation, so that I may understand it. Please do not omit any steps in the instructions, or I will probably not be able to complete them. Thank you.

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 64-bit laptop.

If I turn the wireless card off, using the menu method, it turns itself back on, after I restart Ubuntu MATE. Why is it not staying off?

The same is true of Bluetooth, it will not remember the state that I put it in. Bluetooth also has another problem, that I see in Ubuntu MATE 16.04, but not in Ubuntu vanilla: it hides the Bluetooth status! That is not good security, to leave the most vunerable, unencrypted, and novice friendly networking technology turned on and hidden from from view by default.

This is happening on my laptop too.
I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a design choice.

Do your laptops have a “Remember last state” WiFi switch in BIOS?, and is that part of the problem?. :smiley:

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