Will Compiz-Fusion-Plugins-Extra / Compiz-Plugins-Extra ever be coming back?

A feature I would like to request:

I would really like to see some desktop effects like Burn, Explode etc coming to Ubuntu MATE and why couldn’t we just use Compiz 0.8 instead of 0.9 from here http://www.northfield.ws/projects/compiz/ or will it be possible for the MATE software developers to create their own visual effects compositor

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Three of the MATE Desktop team (which includes myself) are members of the Compiz Reloaded project. Where Ubuntu MATE will go regarding Compiz in the future is not known, but we have options.


This is great to hear :slight_smile:

How do I Install it?

For anyone else coming across this thread, there is a way:


Sorry guys but this is stupid, you can’t make a package for this? we have to downgrade?! where am i? is this Microsoft? come on, you can do better than that, justs make a package that will give us back the “animation add on” effects, and leave it to us to decide if we want to risk our system graphic stability or whatever, this is by far my favorite distro, but you HAVE to get it right, after all GNU/Linux is freedom, and sometimes that is a risky move, think about it, let us know the verdict. Keep up the good work.

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This is software still in development. Let’s get some things straight:

  • Compiz Reloaded is a continuation of the v0.8 series. It is based on older code.
  • v0.9 was a re-write from Canonical – which is why these cool effects are no longer compatible.
  • I never worked on Compiz Reloaded, @Wimpy is a member though.
  • Anyone can make unofficial packages for it if they know how, have a lot of time to test and wanted to take up the duty to maintain them.
  • Ask the developers if they’ll make official packages.

Far from stupid. @tiox has generously taken the time to write a tutorial. No one has revoked any one’s freedom nor can one team make packages for everything. :neutral_face:

I gave this a test, but later reverted back because my desktop seemed out of place and wasn’t smooth. The scripts posed no problems installing and removing.

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I am asking out of curiosity.

I used Compiz back in the old days (version 0.8). I didn’t put in a lot of effort to set it up and I didn’t play with it much.

UM 14.04 is the first time I used Compiz version 0.9. I think it works well, but maybe it’s lacking a few plug-ins. I never used those plug-ins therefore I haven’t missed them.

My thinking is that Canonical put in some effort into version 0.9. I remember reading about a developer (smspillaz I think) that worked full time on Compiz for Canonical.

So I just wonder if a lot of polish won’t get lost by rebasing on version 0.8?

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There are technical issues with the Compiz 0.9 plugin due to the new code being used that doesn’t play nice with the addons that came before it. I know, it sucks. I would rather the plugins are upgraded too but it’s so much old code just for some dumb desktop effects, and Compiz would have had nothing done further on it if Canonical didn’t have the gall to base an entire desktop off that compositor and window manager that half their users kind of disliked.

You’re free to join #[email protected] and ask about this (Sorry about the weird formatting, Discourse’s markdown has no escape character that I know of.)

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Making packages is entirely possible. The packages should be named compiz-reloaded and versioned 0.8 and set to conflict/replace the equivalent compiz 0.9 packages :slight_smile:

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Yeah the thing that most people were missing was the burn/fire effect provided by the animations-addon which was listed in the packages as compiz-plugins-extra/compiz-fusion-plugins-extra in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS think. I haven’t used Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for a very long time now but that was my first linux distro I have ever used.

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My thoughts on this https://github.com/compiz-reloaded/compiz/issues/24


Good news @johnnyhoffmann32 as you originally desired the burn and explode animations – they have returned in 16.10!

Nothing extra needs to be installed, these particular effects are already available by enabling some new animation plugins and can be enabled via the Compiz Settings Manager.

Now that burn effect is pretty awesome! :sunglasses: :fire:

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I didn’t care about the burn effects; I thought they were silly. The moment I discovered static windows on the other hand, my goodness I was hooked on that addon for stupid reasons.

I think Compiz Reloaded as of now will always have screen saver interrupted by keypress so I can’t be doing stuff while a cube rotates in the background, lol

Will they be available in Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 LTS? Will the Compiz-Plugins-Experimental also be in there as well?

I don't see any compiz-plugins-experiemental package in 16.10, it seems they're part of the newer compiz-plugins, compiz-mate, and compiz-gnome packages. When it comes to animations, there's now these plug-ins:

I'd like to know if they can be added to 16.04 too.

I did try "dirty swapping" the xenial sources to yakkety in /etc/apt/sources.list and then just updating compiz (and dependencies). This works but the layout of GTK 3 applications are completely screwed up (like Synaptic), since it updates some GTK 3 related package. :thinking:

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Thank you very much for sharing, i’m a big fan of compiz :slight_smile:

Some pre-built packages:


The grid and move plugins have been patched, which may or may not work with multi monitor setups.

The default setup should be pretty much the same as lucid/maverick days, so you’ll probably like to turn on Sync to VBlank via CCSM > General Options > Display Settings. Turn off plugins you don’t use as this should speed things up and save memory use.


Just a question.

Will the GTK3 version of MATE be a problem for compiz 0.8. On debian-testing i’m having all sorts of problems.

It only happens on MATE gtk3, not KDE5, not XFCE4.