Window borders not working under Compiz properly

I just got a mac-aqua theme for my desktop.But it seems like compiz is not supporting it.
Before enabling compiz , the title bar looks the way it should look.

but after enabling it, it has all controls of mac theme except title bar.

if in that case i change my theme to sth else and then come back to mac theme then it acquires the title bar of that theme but other icons as same of mac theme. It has still got wobbling windows and other effects. Though my desktop freezes for some time.

I wanted to have compiz working with my mac theme. So if somebody could help then it will be really great.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Please add which version of Ubuntu MATE you are using and as this is a theme you added please add the link to the theme, so we can try to reproduce the error.

Thank You @wizd3m .
I am a new user and have not asked such questions on these forums before.
So I didn't know about these things.Thanks for suggestion.

Here is my description of ubuntu mate -

ubuntu-mate 16.04 LTS
kernel = 4.4.0-28-generic
64-bit architecture
link for theme - Mac4Lin - Browse Files at

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Unfortunately, this is likely because the window border is not compatible with Compiz. I had a similar problem in 15.10, the bug has been fixed in 16.04, and the themes I use now work.

This OS X Aqua theme hasn’t been updated since 2009, so I don’t think there will be a fix. The theme is not compatible under Compiz.

Instead, I’d suggest finding an alternate OS X theme and use those window borders instead. You can mix and match by using the “Customise…” button in Appearance.

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A graphical aid for you:


Did you copy the theme to /usr/share/themes/ (using sudo)?

I had the same problem with Arc theme as i copied it to ~/.themes/.
But when i installed it to /usr/share/themes/ it looks fine.

Using Ubuntu MATE 16.04, MATE 1.14.1


Yes @Etamuk I copied the theme to this folder.

Thanks for your reply.I think this may solve my problem.

But I installed Another Theme - MacUbuntu which just worked fine for me.

If somebody is intersted in this theme
Here is the link for that.
Read the installation instructions in file.

Btw Thanks :slight_smile:

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