Guide on posting

When you post a question in this category please use the following guide:

  1. Search before posting
    Use the magnifying glass in the right-top corner to search this community. There is a chance your question has allready been answered.
  2. Use a good title
    Do not use Help!!! Internet Not working, but use Cannot install Chrome on 15.10
  3. Describe your problem as exact as possible
    Do not post a question like how to install skype? help, but post something like After installing UM 16.04 I got the following error message when installing Skype… or As I am a new user, is there a tutorial on how to install Skype on UM 15.10? But always post which version of Ubuntu MATE you are using.
  4. Add an errorlog
    If you actually have an errorlog, please add it to your post. For this services like or can be used easily
  5. Last but not least: Searchengines are your friends
    As Ubuntu MATE is part of the Ubuntu family, there is a great chance that a solution that works on Ubuntu will also work for Ubuntu MATE. Or, the same question has allready been answered on another community like or sites like

Please follow this guide whene asking a question, this keeps us from asking the same questions over and over again.


Don't forget, when you've found the solution, click the Accepted Answers button:

This presents a tick to your thread and allows other users to quickly jump to the solution too.

In the thread lists:

In the first post:

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