Witness the rise of Ubuntu MATE


Very cool…got that in 1920x1080?

Not yet. I was thinking the same when testing it on my screen.
This was just a quick GIMP before bed time using the first Appolo 8 picture I found on wikimedia commons, just to check whether what I had in mind would look nice.
I also realized there was a better version (better contrast and colors at first glance) of the picture.
So I’ll start again from scratch sometimes in the coming week, also croping for widescreens from the start.
Stay tuned… :smile:


Cool Idea! You could change color of earth in Mate-Green…

I was hesitating to do that, but since you also think that could be a good idea...
Herewith the update (1920 x 1080).
Any comments welcome!

But I personally prefer the original earth color.

I think they are all very nice…I like the original earth color…if we could make the logo green though…

@parzzix Like this?

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Outstanding! Very Nice indeed!

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Thank you, great work! I added the 2. green one and the last one to my wallpaper collection!

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