Working temperature widget?

Maybe “widget” isn’t the right term; I’m still learning Linux/Ubuntu/MATE.

When I add the temperature to my taskbar, it always shows 77°, even though I properly set my location. So whatever source it’s using is broken. :frowning:

Is there something I can do to fix, or an alternative?

EDIT: This is the weather temp widget for the taskbar. But I’ve since realized that it’s probably because our airport moved. So actually, I need to figure out how to contact whoever maintains that list…

Hi @ieh,

for temp control:

Oh, sorry, I mean this thing:

Did you try right click on the weather icon and select Preferences? (3rd one from the top down), where you get additional options? I would show you the pic, but don’t have it set to english right now.

Otherwise I use the one that comes with the clock and calendar, to have all in one.

Yes, as I said, I set my location. (Before you set a location, it shows 0°)

Actually, I just came back to this thread because I’d had an idea and tested it: Our airport moved a couple of years ago, and they’ve shut down the old one. I tested other locations, and it shows the proper temperature. So the problem, I’m guessing, is that the single location shown for my city no longer exists.

So I guess I need to figure out who to contact to get that updated.

I was a little confused which temperature you were referring to -- weather, or the computer's temperature.

Another user had similar problems with this applet -- for them, it wasn't updating and they discovered some broken code.

Alternately, you could try the weather feature in the Clock applet.

Weather can be enabled from the Preferences:

Once you start typing, a popup of locations appear. These could be using a different list:

See also:

@lah7: Using that also shows 77°. I’m pretty sure it’s because the airport is closed.

@wolfman: Yay, thank you! That’s pulling from a service that shows the correct information. :slight_smile:

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Hi @ieh,

see posts 1 & 4 here for another alternative:

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