19.10 - Notification area has useless spaces

Notification area takes really a lot of space (1/3 of panel width) due to useless spaces between icons

Please see:

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So each time a new icon appears from new installed app should be added to gtk.css to correct its appearance, it's 2019 and it should be forbidden to force user to write some css to customize one of the main component of Ubuntu Mate !

The example I pointed to applies to all notification area icons. Set it, log out and back in and your icons have lost their "useless spaces". Use it or don't use it.

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Thanks bro, It's now working but with bitter feeling, I didn't mean my words toward you but to people engaging in Mate UI, It's really disappointing to let such fast and perfect distribution to die because of bad UI, it's like building a powerful car and in the end you let your kid paint it on the outside !


Med_Medin I understand your frustration. But, I guess my attitude would be that this is Open source software built by volunteers and is completely free. Consequently, there is always going to be some degree of raggedness around the edges of such software. Having said that, UM is an example of open source software with some of the least ragged edges around. The main thing, for me, is that it keeps itself fully open and customizable by the user - which has always been one of the inherent strengths of open source software.