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Yes it was, then it clicked, I remember changing the mode to 16bit when I was creating it to reduce banding. I forgot to change it back to 8bit mode when I saved the PSD. I wondered why the file size was so large.

Oh well, at least we learned something, gimp will not render layers in 16bit mode. :relaxed:


That's bullocks. Well anyway, figured I would show you what came of your work; I ended up sticking with a neutral colour and instead having white glowy bits in my wallpaper, using the "Wallpaper" I already have as the backing;

Uses a recoloured version of @Vent's Ubuntu MATE artpiece, the image with no logo on it. Kind of sucks there was not a bigger version of that but eh, it'll do for now. The logo glow isn't perfect but it was a case of working with what I got.

Now before you go about asking Why did I do an PSD again? remember that other people downloaded the PSD file, which means if they wanted to they could do something similar with it and replace the background with whatever they want.


Can I have a 16-bit PSD? I upgraded Gimp with an unstable release that should be capable of opening such files.


Great job!!! I have it as my wallpaper…



I really like this wallpaper, this color is nice and gives me serenity, simple and beautiful,



Thanks Jo, glad you like it, makes it worthwhile :blush:


I feel like I am at the seaside looking at that picture!. :smiley:


Hey @barone

What icon set are you using, wallpaper is great :joy:


Great work Wallpapers are best


I REALLY like this one.




You’re a genius.
Very nice work as always. This is gonna be a nice wallpaper for 17.10 :D


Hey thanks ouro :grin:

It was initially for my Debian Install but I added the mate stuff while I was making it, feel free to use whatever you want.




hello VtvBreech
May i ask how do you get message notification -? (mail icons top bar panel?




I don’t remember doing anything special. Do you have indicators enabled in MATE Tweak?


Man these are simply beautiful, wish there were “more distros” versions but they look dang good on my Desktop :slight_smile: :heart: Loved the black one