Bad icons display in menus

Please, I'm from Brazil and I'm using Ubuntu-Mate for the first time.
The menu appears with icons like squares with a trace on it.

How can I fix It?
By the way, Ubuntu Mate is a great OS, I'm enjoying it.
Thank you.

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Hi and welcome.
Have you tried clicking on the Reverter button at the bottom?

Hi, glad you like Ubuntu Mate :slight_smile: :ubuntu_mate:

I hope also to enjoy the community !

There is already a similar topic :

If the fix of @24601 do not work for you @Fraga you can try reading a bit this topic.

Also, changing the icon theme can help :

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Thank you for your replay, but it did not work. I'll keep trying.

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Thank you for your reply. I've changed the theme as you've suggested; the best I could get:

Iĺl keep trying anyway. tks

@Fraga, welcome.

@olek already linked you to a duplicate topic which discusses this issue in detail; too much detail to be honest. As such I'm going to give you a shortcut to the short workaround:

Basically, the problem is: Somebody accidentally translated icon names a while ago; the buggy applications were included in Ubuntu (MATE) 20.04 LTS; the bug was fixed; it's tough to update LTS versions of packages, so nobody patched the LTS versions of the packages for Ubuntu 20.04.1 and thus the problem continues to haunt some of us.

Plagiarized from the post I quoted above, here's the commands to rectify the issue, at least for the time being:

sudo sed -i '/Icon\[/d' /usr/share/applications/*.desktop
sudo sed -i '/Icon\[/d' /usr/share/mate/desktop-directories/*.directory
sudo update-desktop-database

This deletes the unnecessary and detrimental translations on the icon names for numerous MATE applications and desktop directories. If it works, you can thank @azardo.


It works! Thank you Gordon and @azardo. Check it: